Monday, 31 January 2011

Chris gets a mention

Meltdown's Chris Knight got a mention in Britain's biggest-selling newspaper The Sun today (Monday 31 Jan 2011) - front page lead wrapped inside into pages four and five.  Something about anarchists taking over the world, deathrays and the corruption of today's youth.  Excitement over, expect Tuesday's edition to be Katie Price splits up with meathead speculation, Cheryl Cole buys a designer lamp shade, and modern British Journalism isn't Worth a Toss shocker.

My pic of Chris, Summer 2010.  The Sun used it, P.4. 
Let's see if they pay up... update - they're paying up

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Topless anarchists

Meltdown Dual Power anarchist chicks get the student fees march off to a bang on  Saturday, 30 Jan, at the University of London Union.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

London - Millbank, seconds out - round 2. Student demo 11.30 today.

Senior faculty members discuss their salary
with a Human Resources manager
London demo details for Sat 29 Jan, 2011: link
BBC News website - 'Last month, MPs voted to raise tuition fees in England to up to £9,000 a year.  Ministers say increasing tuition fees is essential to secure the future of the universities.'
  One elephant in the room at first glance - gigantic pay packets and whopping great pay rises for university chiefs.
  Guardian, last April - 'A dozen university
 vice-chancellors earned more than
 £300,000 last year, it was revealed today
 in a study by accountants that shows big
rises in the pay of senior academics.
University leaders were awarded
a 10.6% increase last year, raising their
average annual pay and benefits
 package to £219,156.'
Now children, sit still.  Stop tormenting Katie, Johnathon.  Put that down Martin.  Can we think of a reason why education would be the prerogative of the rich?  Anybody?  Yes, that's right, Melissa - to deny working class people access to management positions.  And why would that be?  Anybody?  Yes Katie, well done - because they're not as idealogically reliable.  Well done. 
‘We want one class to have a
liberal education.  We want
another class, a very much
larger class of necessity,
to forego the privilege of
liberal education and fit
themselves to perform
specific difficult
manual tasks.’
President Woodrow Wilson,
1909 speech to teachers

Friday, 28 January 2011

Tunisia and Egypt

Fingers crossed; I'm all for the poor against the rich.  But there's two dilemas.  Islamist maniacs and their cruel, backward oppression taking over... from the capitalist maniacs and their unbelievable greed.  And a threatened American hegemony - the Suez Canal (with all the oil-tankers) passes through Egypt.  All that training for Iran might be turned West rather than East.  In which case we'd get to see if Obama is the President of America.  Or just another puppet. 

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sexist sports pundit Andy Grey set up by Murdoch?

Never bite the hand that feeds you - idiom
Media furore this week regarding womanising sports presenter Andy Gray briefly touched on the one story that joins up all the dots.
  Take a quick look at the timeline: 
  1. Monday 24 Jan - Embarrassing, sexist off-air conversation from December leaked by his own production team - Gray and colleague banned for one game.  Official warning.
  2. Monday - another tape leaked where linesman Sian Massey is slated on account of her sex.  Media interest is very high.
  3. Tuesday 25 Jan - contract terminated for unnacceptable behaviour.  A second tape is leaked with more verbal abuse of the female linesman.
Okay - a quick knee-jerk, Red-Top synopsis would look like this; misogynist Andy Gray felt untouchable and so treated women with contempt.  Eventually, the final straw was reached, and the fireworks started.  I'm not disputing that he was an obnoxious man - most 'stars' are; look at Naomi Campbell.  But let's throw another spanner in to the mix.
  Official line - he was obnoxious to his production team, so they kept hold of the damaging tapes and stuck the knife in.
 Let's pause there...
Demolition Job - Murdoch's
News International at Wapping
  Gray was pursuing the News of the World in the on-going phone-hacking scandal, which saw the demise of Andy Coulson, chief government media spinner and churner.  Gray, a presenter at (Murdoch-owned) Sky Sports... and the phone-hacking scandal at (Murdoch's) News of the World... get the connection?  The crossed interests?
  The same week when the Government are crucifying News of the World editor-turned Government press chief Andy Coulson.  So we're left with our boring, plasticine celebrities given a strong message never to rock the boat... but more importantly a very public display of Murdoch's power to back one of his minions as he takes a slap from Bullingdon Dave.  The Coulson story slipped down the headings across the board.  
  Who's the Daddy, Dave?  Who's the faXXin' Daddy?  I've got ALL the tools, Dave - and don't you forget it, you posh bastard - I've got all the fackin' tools.  You listenin'? (estuary English, adapted from Scum).
  One final fact glossed over in simplistic copy - Murdoch is currently trying to buy a controlling stake in B-Sky-B - but the Government has the last word.  He needs to show the Government that he is whiter than white and can control rogue elements such as editors happy with phone-hacking.  So to do that, he slaughters a few scape-goats.  That's the carrot.  Here's the stick - a bucket of shit a day.*
 (* A reported threatening telephone call (link to John Pilger) to a senior Australian politician straying from the Murdoch-line.  Now you know why he was allowed to steam-roller through the anti-monopoly laws; the craven trough-swillers are frightened to death of catching his flak.).

July 1995: After agreeing on curbing anti-monopoly laws
should he be elected Prime Minister, 'Labour' leader Tony Blair
breaks for lunch with Rupert Murdoch on the
media mogul's Hayman Island retreat.
 News International then swung behind the hopeful's bid

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tory peer found guilty of stealing YOUR money

Lord Taylor, first on the left, dines at the House of Lords
Ex-Tory peer Lord Taylor of Warwick has been found guilty of making £11,277 in false parliamentary expenses claims.
  Currently released on bail, the former barrister claimed he was in public life to 'help people' and not in it for the money.
'But the prosecution said that as a man with a degree, who is a qualified
barrister and a legislator,
Lord Taylor should have
been able to understand the rules
set out in guidelines for peers.'
 - BBC report.
  Let me put it more simply - 
we're run by a combination of crooks,
bumbling idiots (Brown's Gold)
and the over-priveledged,
none of whom have
any connection whatsoever with
the real world.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Daily Mail - Cameron 'risks being out of touch without his spin chief'

Page 8, Mondays (today). 
  So Cameron and Osborne and all the other landed gentry now risk being out of touch with ordinary voters, worries the Daily Mail and David Davis, a guy from the wrong side of the tracks who rose to the top of the Tory Party.
  Never one to hold back, I'm going to offer Mr Davis a gift-wrapped quote I dug up in my research on the Boy Who Would Be King.  Feel free to link to or copy and paste it...
‘At lunchtime on 21 July 1978, two days after the end of term, Getty (grandson of oil billionaire John Paul Getty), Cameron, Simon Andreae… Peter Romilly and Fergus Wylie, accompanied by their eighteen-year-old minder Rhidian Llewellyn, boarded… Concorde… at Heathrow to fly to Washington DC.  As the excited boys tucked into their caviar, salmon and beef bordelaise, Llewellyn turned round to check that all was well and that his charges were more or less behaving themselves.  He was met with the sight, a few rows behind, of David Cameron, eleven years old, cheerily raising a glass of Dom PĂ©rignon ’69 and exclaiming ‘Good health, Sir!’
Francis Elliott and James Hanning
  Extract from Conflict - Scotland
  Now you know what the sick bag is there for.

TUC march set to be challenged

Meltdown 2017 organisers at a planning meeting Sunday 23 Jan
An annual march through London by the TUC is set to be the scene of confrontation as groups of workers, radicals, anarchists and others make their voices heard.
  It seems likely that scenes reminiscent of the student assault on Millbank will be repeated all over the capital in a public outburst bigger than the Poll Tax riot, protest organisers predict.
  The TUC parade, on March 26, sets off at 2PM from Embankment with the intention of union bosses to finish at Hyde Park for speeches.  But that intention will be challenged two minutes later.
  Meltdown 2017 is building an interactive map which will be linked to on this blog, main page (links) when it is available.  Meltdown are the organisers of the the G-20 demonstration and the take-over of Parliament Square in summer 2010.

Friday, 21 January 2011

JOB OFFER - Government Head of Communications

The selected candidate will be well-versed in tabloid journalism; an eye for what the working man cares about (or woman - we musn't forget them, now!  Oops nearly slipped up with some sexism there.).
  WE offer a challenging brief - to be the go-between with, on one side, a nation facing cuts, impoverishment and homes repossession, and on the other, a Cabinet of well-heeled chinless multi-millionairres... not anybody can get the messages of the ruling elite across - YOU can, which is why we want you. 
  YOU will be an experienced tabloid editor well-versed in selling sleazy media dogshit to builders and factory workers.
  YOU will be given a comfortable salary on the taxpayers payroll, brown envelopes to make up any difference with the wage officially published by auditors and what we actually agree on.
  YOU will be responsible for the Government's spinning machine.
  YOU will pre-empt bad news and distort all political news.
  YOU will be in charge of hounding the Lobby journalists with ostracism from the top table tidbits if they don't toe the line (their biggest fear), so must have a ruthless demeanor.
  Contact Dave at 10 Downing Street.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

'I don't want to make money. I just want to help people.'

When asked at London's Southwark Crown Court if he had ever done anything dishonest, a tearful Tory peer banged his fist on the court-room table and cried out: 'No I have not.  I don't want to make money. I just want to help people'.
  Lord Taylor denies six counts of false accounting.  Because of libel laws I am restricted to what I write and hyperlink to... But watch this space once the verdict is returned.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

EMA demo Weds 19 Jan 2011. EMA is scrapped.

EMA scrapped.  EMA demonstrators marched through London tonight as priveledged Oxbridge Trough-Swillers 'debated' scrapping the grant - up to £30 a week for means-tested sixth-form students.  So banks got a bail out prior to their £7 billion bonuses, but the poor kids on the council estates got a kick in the teeth.
  Same shit different day. 
  And as for the lecturers; it was a God-send having the power to veto the EMA in order to maintain discipline; watch this space... a flood of FE lecturers from the profession.
  Why do I know that?  I taught bricklaying to council estate kids.  It was our only lifeline under a crap management simpering over 'poor, mis-judged Johny' and his ASBO behaviour. 
  Of course, none of the politicos making the big decisions would have been aware of any of that... their faith is in ideology.  Not real life, empiricism, grass-roots coal-face hard work and sweat.  No experience controlling an unruly class - but plenty of hours spouting hot air.
  And okay, so-called 'Labour' stuck up for the grant... but they can stand up for anything now they're out of office.  Pink lights for all pink light officionados... a joke?  Take a look at London's poorest borough, where these brainless bastards rule the roost and wasted £111 million on their own offices - link.  Including fancy lights to create a lovely ambience for the self-indulgent Guardianistas.  Who can now sit there talking about 'inclusion'  and 'diversity' as toddlers are battered by foul step-'parents' or ASBO gangs terrorise the neighbourhood.  It was those 'Labour' bastards that stripped the cupboard bare to start with.  I can't believe that the one group allowed to voice opposition in Parliament are the same bunch of tossers that were thrown out last year after crippling the nation.  Churchill would have had that lot thrown in gaol

EMA girls on the night

   Their spending was insane.  So much so that Somalis - who? - clambered over half a dozen EU borders to get to the golden land.  Meanwhile traditional labour voters get a kick in the teeth...
  The very word 'Labour' to a bricklayer who started off as a brickie's labourer - hoddy - sets my teeth on edge.  In April 2010 I asked a London 20-year hoddy (the kind who earn as much as a bricky) on a site in Seven Sisters, Hackney, what he thought of Labour and if he considered there was any 'labour' in them.
  'Neil - if labour means work there 'ain't a fackin' minute's labour in 'em; neither side.  They're all crap - I won't be votin'.  Now where d'ya want these bricks stackin'?  There's windows along 'ere, ain't there? - says so on the drawin'.'
  He loaded out the bricks, skipping where the window openings were, then looked at me.
  'They make me sick mate.'
  At that moment something clicked into place - why the Star in the canteen was full of celebrity trash.  I'd always openly criticised them for reading crap like that, for not rising above the toil and their cramped life-view.
  But now I understood.  The boys wanted to forget the trash running the country.  If all that was on offer was trash - then it might as well have a nice front rack...

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Assange - no smoke without fire

So now we're getting closer to the real picture.  Wikileaks founder Julian Assange threatens to expose tax-avoiding offshore accounts - up to £12 trillion worth.
  Memo to those who thought there was any truth in the rape charges... wakey wakey.  £12 trillion buys a lot of lies (link - scroll down to Flak).
  Looks like the law-makers, politicians and big business people have all got a stake in silencing Assange.  You'vve just got to look at Middle East P'peace envoy' Tony Blair grubbing around for cash in The Trough to see what sort of people they are. 

Monday, 17 January 2011

British fathers to get ten months off

Genius Nick Clegg, doormat sidekick to Etonian toff 'Prime Minister' David Cameron, unveiled his latest brainwave today - ten months paternity leave for fathers.
  Sounds great.  In Utopia.  But back from Planet Thrack on Earth, here's an imagined scenario from the real world...
  Job Interviewer: 'Married, son?'
   Thirty-year-old: 'About to be.  We're happily engaged.'
  Job Interviewer: 'Planning on having a family?'
  Thirty-year-old (smiles): 'We are indeed - we're really looking forward to it.'
  Job Interviewer: 'That so?  I bet you're really excited.
  Thirty-year-old: 'We are indeed.'
  Job Interviewer: 'Good.  Now fuck off; there's no start for you here. Send in the gay guy.'

Saturday, 15 January 2011

"You are not fucking royalty, Mr Speaker!"

Shenanigans in Parliament as pipsqueek Speaker John Bercow MP regally attempts to belittle a Tory MP - only to have it blow up in his face in spectacular fashion.  This had me chuckling: Link.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tomorrow's chip wrapper - The Guardian's skewed stance on your wasted taxes

700 jobs to be axed in bid to cut £33m from city council budget’
  [Stoke’s £200,000-a-year] council chief executive John van de Laarschot said:… ‘We are facing a much more difficult situation than any of us had originally hoped for.’
 Reported by Iain Robinson in the Stoke Sentinel, November 2, 2010

Difficult indeed.  As would the slashing of local government non-job ads be for The Guardian’s owners and shareholders.  Perhaps mindful of their bosses monopolising a niche market (as the advertisers of barmy roles), Guardian hack Rachel Williams was quick to defend her bosses revenue stream, picking through the mountain of Five-a-Day and community walking co-ordinators, enforcement officers and bin police, health and safety advisors and all the other dogmatic busy-bodies to trumpet one odd-ball post we are told is necessary…

His (Cheshire West and Chester Council waste strategy awareness officer Jody Sherratt’s) role involves helping to increase recycling and cut waste – saving the borough money – by making sure residents know not just exactly what can be recycled (and how) but also, critically, what the overall benefits of doing so are….’

The Guardian, July 14, 2010

A balanced story, Guardian-style.
Spelling mistake corrected from the original.
Never bite the hand that feeds you –
lesson one in being a corrupt journalist. 
Ever wondered why you never read negative stories about local advertisers in free-weekly rags?
It’s because they won’t advertise again
if they get exposed. 

Friday, 7 January 2011

Newsflash - Former British MP jailed for swindling you

Former 'Labour' MP David Chaytor (Bury North) has been jailed for swindling £22,650 in fraudulent expenses claims.
  And that's it.  One scalp so far - although a couple of others are sweating on the subs bench.  Three, from the decades of corruption.  Now go back to your celebrities, back to Cheryl and David Beckham, X Factor and sport. 
  'Move along now, please.  Sir.... sir - you sir.... move along, please; I insist.  The MPs expenses scandle has now been tidied up.  There's nothing more to see here.'

David Chaytor (second left, to the right of Derek Conway)
during happier times
  ‘The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig,
and from pig
to man again;
 but already it was
impossible to say
which was which.’
George Orwell,
Animal Farm 

Update 11 Jan 2011: Former 'Labour' MP Eric Illsey pleaded guilty to stealing £14,000 of taxpayers money
If his sentence is less than 12 months,
he stands to be paid his salary by the taxpayer.
There's a petition against that here

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Gordon Brown’s Golden Line – ‘I don’t think I was ever any good at (maths) and some people would say it shows.’

‘I did maths at school and for one year at university but I don't think I was ever very good at it - and some people would say it shows.’

A decade into his role as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown stumbles his response to questioning by Jordan Beaumont, 13, on Chorlton High School’s pupil-run television station in 2007.  After one year of university level mathematics – and not one day’s professional experience in banking or high finance - Mr Brown was in charge of the nation’s budget. 

  The bankers grinned as they reached for their calculators.  After the 2009 bank bailouts, figures released by the independent Office for National Statistics revealed British debt stood at £2,000,000,000,000 (two trillion).  
  To close the hole in public spending, the Government borrowed.  Because during the fat years, they’d squandered everything…
… including, against Bank of England advice, 395 tons of gold bullion – more than half the British reserves.  The price was at a 20-year low ($290 an ounce – today (January 2011) it stands at $1,600 (link - second story)).  Instead of releasing a small amount on the market every day, the price was sent spiraling because of his announcement – dealers bid down prices at the 17 pre-announced auctions between 1999 and 2002.  Maybe they conspired to set a low price – imagine a seller auctioning five cement mixers  and five builders vans park up outside, waiting for the guy to turn up. 
  ‘Hiya Dave, hiya Terry – long time no-see; how'd that double garage go in Surrey?  Yeah?  Sweet.  This geezer's just messaged me, he'll be a bit late.  Says he's desperate to see the back of the things; needs room for somethin' else.  Car or summat.  Maybe we can do the gentleman a favour, get my drift?  Let’s agree at about forty quid, yeah?  Have a word with the other lads, like.  We can save a bomb if we all get our heads together.’
  Tory treasury shadow secretary Philip Hammond said it was a ‘staggering display of economic incompetence.’

  ‘…but I don't think I was ever very good at it - and some people would say it shows.’
  Indeed they would, Mr Brown.  Where do I sign?  But who’s the biggest dunce – you?  Or us for voting in a team of idiots?  For accepting a system where smarmy lawyers and PR men get to the top?  (Cameron was Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications).
  Where hospitals and schools are run by carousel career-politicians, one remit one day, another the next… instead of doctors and heads who have achieved remarkable turn-arounds with failing hospitals and schools?   A former Defence Minister shaking hands with army top brass in Helmand looking like Blakey from On the Buses… instead of a top military person?  (What must the army chiefs have thought when someone unlikely to have even been in the Army Cadets steps off the chopper?)
  Transport – Eddie Stobart.
  Agriculture – an ultra-effective farmer.
  Trade – Tesco or Asda or Sainsbury’s boss.
  Get the pattern?  So, onwards with more inept grey suits…
Dear Chief Secretary, I'm afraid there is no money. Kind regards - and good luck! Liam.’
Ibrox, Glasgow

  Of course there was no money – these people are talentless.  Still having to keep our attention on the back row of Mathematics Class 4D, we see the unkempt Liam Byrne, former Chief Secretary to the Treasury, sniggering as he scribbles a note to the new teacher on his last day of school.  As the New Labour experiment shuddered to a halt, the architects of the financial mess climbed into their shiny new cars and sped away to their smartly refurbished town houses.  Hundreds of thousands of traditional Labour voters had been thrown onto the scrapheap during a spending splurge never before seen – leaving us with the biggest deficit in the G20.
  And then, as the new government took office – they started criticising Con-Dem announcements.
Easterhouse, Glasgow
  Anyone for a slice of humble pie?  Anyone?  Hello…. anyone?  You in the safe seats; it won’t harm you!  Set an example.  Come on – it’s not been touched…

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

We're All in this Together - George Osborne analysis

George Osborne used the phrase ‘we’re all in this together’ when calling for massive cuts at the 2009 Tory Party Conference.
  In 2010 he was made Chancellor of the Exchequer, in charge of our cash.  And as 2011 was counted down at the closing of the year, he was on a skiing holiday in exclusive Klosters, Switzerland – a favourite location with the royals [lower case intended], according to the Daily Mail.
  Many radicals oppose the Mail, thinking it a right-wing rag, but I enjoy the way it tears into all those who set themselves up as our betters, left or right.  If you want dirt on two-faced Tories… the Mail is the place to look.  True, it sometimes seems rabidly right-wing.  It’s not rabid - it bites out in all directions is all.

  So, as we tighten our belts alongside the man worth £4 million at age 39, let’s examine his Conservative MP buddies, who are also, presumably, also in it together.
 Bullingdon Club mate Zac Goldsmith (the 34-year-old MP for Richmond who inherited an over £200 million fortune from his financier father) enjoyed an £8,000-a-week villa in the Caribbean over the New Year.

The MPs enjoy their £22-a-head meal
  And a clutch of MPs lording it up in the Commons, enjoyed £22 a head meals as they watched Britain’s best ever firework display over the Thames.  Yes, I wrote that down correctly - £22 a head.  Waiter service, live band, central London Parliament itself, overlooking the fireworks.  £22 buys five kebabs at McTurks in Derby, opposite the bus station.  Not quite the same, is it?  Still, you could sit in the station concourse I suppose, where it’s warmer.  But you wouldn’t get to see the fireworks.
  Prime Minister David Cameron, fearful of upsetting the voters, scrapped an expensive holiday in Thailand for a New Year ’s Day hill-climb in the Chiltern’s, dragging his pet media team and family with him, as well as other celeb hangers on.
Another London spinning machine
 (Alistair Campbell-clone Andy Coulson’s paw-prints all over this one – Cameron’s another multi-millionaire former Bullingdon Club member (p94-99, Conflict); he had to scrap the holiday, remember.  Whose input was that, I wonder?
  Nice one, Andy…
  ‘And, David, any fools daft enough to be living it up that particular night after Osborne’s ‘We’re all in this together’ message would be dealt a body blow by the media.  And get this, mate… Osborne’s over in Klosters.  If you like, I could arrange something, a little slip to the media… You’ll have him by the balls whilst he’s in Government.  If you want him in Government.’
  All together now on David’s hill walking trip in the English mist… for he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s…

Wanted – more examples of how our belt-tightening leaders lived it up.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Breaking (Cheryl Cole-free) News (Dec 29, 2010):

Chinese sub-defence missiles and what they reveal about the military industrial complex

China is also [preparing for conflict ‘in every direction’ – Chinese defence minister] working on a "carrier-killing" ballistic missile that could sink US carriers from afar, fundamentally reordering the balance of power in a region that has been dominated by the US since the end of the Second World War.’
Peter Foster, China correspondent reporting
in The Telegraph, December 29, 2010 (link)

And this is important because…?  Because it reveals a lot about the way the game is played, fear manufactured and how the politico-military-industrial complex  has its claws dug into taxpayer’s cash.  Other commentators talk about the military-industrial complex.  I won't; it's messier than that, all tangled up with marriages between board members and senior politicians and nepotism and lobbyists and stuff.  The subs in question are the Virginia-class submarines, a defence contract hammered out in 1996, designed to hunt soviet subs (?!  The soviets crumbled 7 years earlier).   Like the useless, fighter-less British aircraft carriers, the sub contract wasn’t going to be stopped by geo-politics. 

  President Bush ordered thirty-six of them from his arms building friends, but the final tally will be lower (questions were asked); the costs sunk in reducing the number 18 soon-to-be-extinct $2 billion each dinosaurs.  They’re now rolling (slowly) off the production line.

  A consortium of big players is building them; General Dynamics, Northropp Gruman and Lockheed Martin, whose combined profits are yearly in the billions.  Their reach is long –  the floor, Bill Hicks, please (link,  starting at 1min 40secs)
A neocon approaches a shoal of small fry US Senators, on the hunt for tax dollars
which are gleaned, in their turn, from the shrimp-like taxpayers who likewise feed on lesser things.  It's the natural cycle.  All energy in the food chain is, in the final reckoning, based on sunlight.  But some of that locked in  energy - gas and oil  - holds a special place for the big sharks 

Nothing was going to stop the sub deal, not when the military industrial complex has a head of steam.  And I’d like to add to the mix the nepotistic links by marriage and fraternity friendships that exist. 
  So to summarise.   The submarine deal was in the pipeline.  The Soviet Union got spiked but the sub-hunters didn’t; cash was to be had.   To sell the programme fear was needed; plenty of that going around… but problem; we’re fighting lightly armed terrorists usually working in small groups.  So what use a sub-hunting super-sub?
  Greg Palast picks up the story, interviewing a lobbyist:
  ‘For an extra $400 million per vessel, they [the subs] had been ‘refitted’.  The torpedoes have been retooled to fit nine sailors each so they can be shot onto the beach… I remembered that the Israelis, who have a smaller budget than ours, land commandos in canvas canoes.’
  [His italics.  My own point to add: and the Israelis have been in a state of continuous conflict since they became a nation.  Shooting stealthy SF onto a beach in a big tin can?  Would it have headlights?  Ever heard of the SAS going into battle delivered in tanks?  As ridiculous as Bush claiming to be a War President when he slimed out of combat and into the Air National Guard whilst all the poor kids were being sent to die].  More Bush idiocy from Richard Langin here (link)

Another big spinning machine
  So who pays for it?
  Why, the fearful little aphid people of course, glad for the protection provided by their ant farmers, standing tall and mighty above them, collecting their honey-sap in the form of tax.  So towering are their ant guardians, that they can only be seen briefly during a break in the clouds – clouds of rolling media and sports drivel and celebrity crap.  And almost always, when they do manage to see their ant guardian’s faces… they’re smiling benignly for the cameras.  Because hey, get this!  They own the media too.
  Coming up next on Fox/Sky News: why you and your children need an anti-Chinese sub-busting missile counter-missile. 
  I'll deal with media manipulation in due time; the fear of lobby journalists to rock the boat (otherwise they get cut out of the loop, so instead regurgitate Government PR), the effects of news-room staff cuts, which lead to corners cut, which means poison, PR and lies travelling the world having been carefully injected into press agencies by wasps such as Alistair Campbell; and the effects on news locally - right down to the local free weekly edited not by the senior journalist but by some advertising whore.  Ever seen a big local advertiser exposed for wrong-doing in your weekly rag?  Ever seen the journalist?
Greg Palast’s book (p45-47) his Wikipedia and Website

So Bring The Soldiers Back

Part Two of Why We Are In Afghanistan

(This section co-written with Professor Chris Knight, extracted from a leaflet we produced for soldiers during the Democracy Village (Parliament Square) take-over May 2010 onwards):
US top military chief General David Petraeus recently took overall command of British forces in Afghanistan where so far nearly 300 UK personnel have lost their lives. 
  In June 2010, he faced a grilling. During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Vietnam-veteran Senator John McCain asked him about his exit strategy from Afghanistan.
  His face a deathly white, the General collapsed onto his desk and was led away.
(Photo: AP)
That was his exit strategy.  What’s yours?
  In Afghanistan, the UK’s top bomb disposal man Lt Col Bob Seddon resigned, as did SAS Major Sebastian Morley.  Officals for the new government have told the head of the armed forces Sir Jock Stirrip to quit.
  So, if the top brass can rebel - why shouldn’t you?
  Because, at the end of the day, this is what might be in store for you (reverse of leaflet:)