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Breaking (Cheryl Cole-free) News (Dec 29, 2010):

Chinese sub-defence missiles and what they reveal about the military industrial complex

China is also [preparing for conflict ‘in every direction’ – Chinese defence minister] working on a "carrier-killing" ballistic missile that could sink US carriers from afar, fundamentally reordering the balance of power in a region that has been dominated by the US since the end of the Second World War.’
Peter Foster, China correspondent reporting
in The Telegraph, December 29, 2010 (link)

And this is important because…?  Because it reveals a lot about the way the game is played, fear manufactured and how the politico-military-industrial complex  has its claws dug into taxpayer’s cash.  Other commentators talk about the military-industrial complex.  I won't; it's messier than that, all tangled up with marriages between board members and senior politicians and nepotism and lobbyists and stuff.  The subs in question are the Virginia-class submarines, a defence contract hammered out in 1996, designed to hunt soviet subs (?!  The soviets crumbled 7 years earlier).   Like the useless, fighter-less British aircraft carriers, the sub contract wasn’t going to be stopped by geo-politics. 

  President Bush ordered thirty-six of them from his arms building friends, but the final tally will be lower (questions were asked); the costs sunk in reducing the number 18 soon-to-be-extinct $2 billion each dinosaurs.  They’re now rolling (slowly) off the production line.

  A consortium of big players is building them; General Dynamics, Northropp Gruman and Lockheed Martin, whose combined profits are yearly in the billions.  Their reach is long –  the floor, Bill Hicks, please (link,  starting at 1min 40secs)
A neocon approaches a shoal of small fry US Senators, on the hunt for tax dollars
which are gleaned, in their turn, from the shrimp-like taxpayers who likewise feed on lesser things.  It's the natural cycle.  All energy in the food chain is, in the final reckoning, based on sunlight.  But some of that locked in  energy - gas and oil  - holds a special place for the big sharks 

Nothing was going to stop the sub deal, not when the military industrial complex has a head of steam.  And I’d like to add to the mix the nepotistic links by marriage and fraternity friendships that exist. 
  So to summarise.   The submarine deal was in the pipeline.  The Soviet Union got spiked but the sub-hunters didn’t; cash was to be had.   To sell the programme fear was needed; plenty of that going around… but problem; we’re fighting lightly armed terrorists usually working in small groups.  So what use a sub-hunting super-sub?
  Greg Palast picks up the story, interviewing a lobbyist:
  ‘For an extra $400 million per vessel, they [the subs] had been ‘refitted’.  The torpedoes have been retooled to fit nine sailors each so they can be shot onto the beach… I remembered that the Israelis, who have a smaller budget than ours, land commandos in canvas canoes.’
  [His italics.  My own point to add: and the Israelis have been in a state of continuous conflict since they became a nation.  Shooting stealthy SF onto a beach in a big tin can?  Would it have headlights?  Ever heard of the SAS going into battle delivered in tanks?  As ridiculous as Bush claiming to be a War President when he slimed out of combat and into the Air National Guard whilst all the poor kids were being sent to die].  More Bush idiocy from Richard Langin here (link)

Another big spinning machine
  So who pays for it?
  Why, the fearful little aphid people of course, glad for the protection provided by their ant farmers, standing tall and mighty above them, collecting their honey-sap in the form of tax.  So towering are their ant guardians, that they can only be seen briefly during a break in the clouds – clouds of rolling media and sports drivel and celebrity crap.  And almost always, when they do manage to see their ant guardian’s faces… they’re smiling benignly for the cameras.  Because hey, get this!  They own the media too.
  Coming up next on Fox/Sky News: why you and your children need an anti-Chinese sub-busting missile counter-missile. 
  I'll deal with media manipulation in due time; the fear of lobby journalists to rock the boat (otherwise they get cut out of the loop, so instead regurgitate Government PR), the effects of news-room staff cuts, which lead to corners cut, which means poison, PR and lies travelling the world having been carefully injected into press agencies by wasps such as Alistair Campbell; and the effects on news locally - right down to the local free weekly edited not by the senior journalist but by some advertising whore.  Ever seen a big local advertiser exposed for wrong-doing in your weekly rag?  Ever seen the journalist?
Greg Palast’s book (p45-47) his Wikipedia and Website

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