Monday, 17 January 2011

British fathers to get ten months off

Genius Nick Clegg, doormat sidekick to Etonian toff 'Prime Minister' David Cameron, unveiled his latest brainwave today - ten months paternity leave for fathers.
  Sounds great.  In Utopia.  But back from Planet Thrack on Earth, here's an imagined scenario from the real world...
  Job Interviewer: 'Married, son?'
   Thirty-year-old: 'About to be.  We're happily engaged.'
  Job Interviewer: 'Planning on having a family?'
  Thirty-year-old (smiles): 'We are indeed - we're really looking forward to it.'
  Job Interviewer: 'That so?  I bet you're really excited.
  Thirty-year-old: 'We are indeed.'
  Job Interviewer: 'Good.  Now fuck off; there's no start for you here. Send in the gay guy.'

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