Monday, 24 January 2011

Daily Mail - Cameron 'risks being out of touch without his spin chief'

Page 8, Mondays (today). 
  So Cameron and Osborne and all the other landed gentry now risk being out of touch with ordinary voters, worries the Daily Mail and David Davis, a guy from the wrong side of the tracks who rose to the top of the Tory Party.
  Never one to hold back, I'm going to offer Mr Davis a gift-wrapped quote I dug up in my research on the Boy Who Would Be King.  Feel free to link to or copy and paste it...
‘At lunchtime on 21 July 1978, two days after the end of term, Getty (grandson of oil billionaire John Paul Getty), Cameron, Simon Andreae… Peter Romilly and Fergus Wylie, accompanied by their eighteen-year-old minder Rhidian Llewellyn, boarded… Concorde… at Heathrow to fly to Washington DC.  As the excited boys tucked into their caviar, salmon and beef bordelaise, Llewellyn turned round to check that all was well and that his charges were more or less behaving themselves.  He was met with the sight, a few rows behind, of David Cameron, eleven years old, cheerily raising a glass of Dom Pérignon ’69 and exclaiming ‘Good health, Sir!’
Francis Elliott and James Hanning
  Extract from Conflict - Scotland
  Now you know what the sick bag is there for.

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