Wednesday, 19 January 2011

EMA demo Weds 19 Jan 2011. EMA is scrapped.

EMA scrapped.  EMA demonstrators marched through London tonight as priveledged Oxbridge Trough-Swillers 'debated' scrapping the grant - up to £30 a week for means-tested sixth-form students.  So banks got a bail out prior to their £7 billion bonuses, but the poor kids on the council estates got a kick in the teeth.
  Same shit different day. 
  And as for the lecturers; it was a God-send having the power to veto the EMA in order to maintain discipline; watch this space... a flood of FE lecturers from the profession.
  Why do I know that?  I taught bricklaying to council estate kids.  It was our only lifeline under a crap management simpering over 'poor, mis-judged Johny' and his ASBO behaviour. 
  Of course, none of the politicos making the big decisions would have been aware of any of that... their faith is in ideology.  Not real life, empiricism, grass-roots coal-face hard work and sweat.  No experience controlling an unruly class - but plenty of hours spouting hot air.
  And okay, so-called 'Labour' stuck up for the grant... but they can stand up for anything now they're out of office.  Pink lights for all pink light officionados... a joke?  Take a look at London's poorest borough, where these brainless bastards rule the roost and wasted £111 million on their own offices - link.  Including fancy lights to create a lovely ambience for the self-indulgent Guardianistas.  Who can now sit there talking about 'inclusion'  and 'diversity' as toddlers are battered by foul step-'parents' or ASBO gangs terrorise the neighbourhood.  It was those 'Labour' bastards that stripped the cupboard bare to start with.  I can't believe that the one group allowed to voice opposition in Parliament are the same bunch of tossers that were thrown out last year after crippling the nation.  Churchill would have had that lot thrown in gaol

EMA girls on the night

   Their spending was insane.  So much so that Somalis - who? - clambered over half a dozen EU borders to get to the golden land.  Meanwhile traditional labour voters get a kick in the teeth...
  The very word 'Labour' to a bricklayer who started off as a brickie's labourer - hoddy - sets my teeth on edge.  In April 2010 I asked a London 20-year hoddy (the kind who earn as much as a bricky) on a site in Seven Sisters, Hackney, what he thought of Labour and if he considered there was any 'labour' in them.
  'Neil - if labour means work there 'ain't a fackin' minute's labour in 'em; neither side.  They're all crap - I won't be votin'.  Now where d'ya want these bricks stackin'?  There's windows along 'ere, ain't there? - says so on the drawin'.'
  He loaded out the bricks, skipping where the window openings were, then looked at me.
  'They make me sick mate.'
  At that moment something clicked into place - why the Star in the canteen was full of celebrity trash.  I'd always openly criticised them for reading crap like that, for not rising above the toil and their cramped life-view.
  But now I understood.  The boys wanted to forget the trash running the country.  If all that was on offer was trash - then it might as well have a nice front rack...

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