Saturday, 29 January 2011

London - Millbank, seconds out - round 2. Student demo 11.30 today.

Senior faculty members discuss their salary
with a Human Resources manager
London demo details for Sat 29 Jan, 2011: link
BBC News website - 'Last month, MPs voted to raise tuition fees in England to up to £9,000 a year.  Ministers say increasing tuition fees is essential to secure the future of the universities.'
  One elephant in the room at first glance - gigantic pay packets and whopping great pay rises for university chiefs.
  Guardian, last April - 'A dozen university
 vice-chancellors earned more than
 £300,000 last year, it was revealed today
 in a study by accountants that shows big
rises in the pay of senior academics.
University leaders were awarded
a 10.6% increase last year, raising their
average annual pay and benefits
 package to £219,156.'
Now children, sit still.  Stop tormenting Katie, Johnathon.  Put that down Martin.  Can we think of a reason why education would be the prerogative of the rich?  Anybody?  Yes, that's right, Melissa - to deny working class people access to management positions.  And why would that be?  Anybody?  Yes Katie, well done - because they're not as idealogically reliable.  Well done. 
‘We want one class to have a
liberal education.  We want
another class, a very much
larger class of necessity,
to forego the privilege of
liberal education and fit
themselves to perform
specific difficult
manual tasks.’
President Woodrow Wilson,
1909 speech to teachers

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