Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sexist sports pundit Andy Grey set up by Murdoch?

Never bite the hand that feeds you - idiom
Media furore this week regarding womanising sports presenter Andy Gray briefly touched on the one story that joins up all the dots.
  Take a quick look at the timeline: 
  1. Monday 24 Jan - Embarrassing, sexist off-air conversation from December leaked by his own production team - Gray and colleague banned for one game.  Official warning.
  2. Monday - another tape leaked where linesman Sian Massey is slated on account of her sex.  Media interest is very high.
  3. Tuesday 25 Jan - contract terminated for unnacceptable behaviour.  A second tape is leaked with more verbal abuse of the female linesman.
Okay - a quick knee-jerk, Red-Top synopsis would look like this; misogynist Andy Gray felt untouchable and so treated women with contempt.  Eventually, the final straw was reached, and the fireworks started.  I'm not disputing that he was an obnoxious man - most 'stars' are; look at Naomi Campbell.  But let's throw another spanner in to the mix.
  Official line - he was obnoxious to his production team, so they kept hold of the damaging tapes and stuck the knife in.
 Let's pause there...
Demolition Job - Murdoch's
News International at Wapping
  Gray was pursuing the News of the World in the on-going phone-hacking scandal, which saw the demise of Andy Coulson, chief government media spinner and churner.  Gray, a presenter at (Murdoch-owned) Sky Sports... and the phone-hacking scandal at (Murdoch's) News of the World... get the connection?  The crossed interests?
  The same week when the Government are crucifying News of the World editor-turned Government press chief Andy Coulson.  So we're left with our boring, plasticine celebrities given a strong message never to rock the boat... but more importantly a very public display of Murdoch's power to back one of his minions as he takes a slap from Bullingdon Dave.  The Coulson story slipped down the headings across the board.  
  Who's the Daddy, Dave?  Who's the faXXin' Daddy?  I've got ALL the tools, Dave - and don't you forget it, you posh bastard - I've got all the fackin' tools.  You listenin'? (estuary English, adapted from Scum).
  One final fact glossed over in simplistic copy - Murdoch is currently trying to buy a controlling stake in B-Sky-B - but the Government has the last word.  He needs to show the Government that he is whiter than white and can control rogue elements such as editors happy with phone-hacking.  So to do that, he slaughters a few scape-goats.  That's the carrot.  Here's the stick - a bucket of shit a day.*
 (* A reported threatening telephone call (link to John Pilger) to a senior Australian politician straying from the Murdoch-line.  Now you know why he was allowed to steam-roller through the anti-monopoly laws; the craven trough-swillers are frightened to death of catching his flak.).

July 1995: After agreeing on curbing anti-monopoly laws
should he be elected Prime Minister, 'Labour' leader Tony Blair
breaks for lunch with Rupert Murdoch on the
media mogul's Hayman Island retreat.
 News International then swung behind the hopeful's bid

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