Monday, 3 January 2011

So Bring The Soldiers Back

Part Two of Why We Are In Afghanistan

(This section co-written with Professor Chris Knight, extracted from a leaflet we produced for soldiers during the Democracy Village (Parliament Square) take-over May 2010 onwards):
US top military chief General David Petraeus recently took overall command of British forces in Afghanistan where so far nearly 300 UK personnel have lost their lives. 
  In June 2010, he faced a grilling. During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Vietnam-veteran Senator John McCain asked him about his exit strategy from Afghanistan.
  His face a deathly white, the General collapsed onto his desk and was led away.
(Photo: AP)
That was his exit strategy.  What’s yours?
  In Afghanistan, the UK’s top bomb disposal man Lt Col Bob Seddon resigned, as did SAS Major Sebastian Morley.  Officals for the new government have told the head of the armed forces Sir Jock Stirrip to quit.
  So, if the top brass can rebel - why shouldn’t you?
  Because, at the end of the day, this is what might be in store for you (reverse of leaflet:)

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