Tuesday, 4 January 2011

We're All in this Together - George Osborne analysis

George Osborne used the phrase ‘we’re all in this together’ when calling for massive cuts at the 2009 Tory Party Conference.
  In 2010 he was made Chancellor of the Exchequer, in charge of our cash.  And as 2011 was counted down at the closing of the year, he was on a skiing holiday in exclusive Klosters, Switzerland – a favourite location with the royals [lower case intended], according to the Daily Mail.
  Many radicals oppose the Mail, thinking it a right-wing rag, but I enjoy the way it tears into all those who set themselves up as our betters, left or right.  If you want dirt on two-faced Tories… the Mail is the place to look.  True, it sometimes seems rabidly right-wing.  It’s not rabid - it bites out in all directions is all.

  So, as we tighten our belts alongside the man worth £4 million at age 39, let’s examine his Conservative MP buddies, who are also, presumably, also in it together.
 Bullingdon Club mate Zac Goldsmith (the 34-year-old MP for Richmond who inherited an over £200 million fortune from his financier father) enjoyed an £8,000-a-week villa in the Caribbean over the New Year.

The MPs enjoy their £22-a-head meal
  And a clutch of MPs lording it up in the Commons, enjoyed £22 a head meals as they watched Britain’s best ever firework display over the Thames.  Yes, I wrote that down correctly - £22 a head.  Waiter service, live band, central London Parliament itself, overlooking the fireworks.  £22 buys five kebabs at McTurks in Derby, opposite the bus station.  Not quite the same, is it?  Still, you could sit in the station concourse I suppose, where it’s warmer.  But you wouldn’t get to see the fireworks.
  Prime Minister David Cameron, fearful of upsetting the voters, scrapped an expensive holiday in Thailand for a New Year ’s Day hill-climb in the Chiltern’s, dragging his pet media team and family with him, as well as other celeb hangers on.
Another London spinning machine
 (Alistair Campbell-clone Andy Coulson’s paw-prints all over this one – Cameron’s another multi-millionaire former Bullingdon Club member (p94-99, Conflict); he had to scrap the holiday, remember.  Whose input was that, I wonder?
  Nice one, Andy…
  ‘And, David, any fools daft enough to be living it up that particular night after Osborne’s ‘We’re all in this together’ message would be dealt a body blow by the media.  And get this, mate… Osborne’s over in Klosters.  If you like, I could arrange something, a little slip to the media… You’ll have him by the balls whilst he’s in Government.  If you want him in Government.’
  All together now on David’s hill walking trip in the English mist… for he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s…

Wanted – more examples of how our belt-tightening leaders lived it up.

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