Friday, 25 February 2011

A Royal Message

Prince William and Kate Middleton have asked me, as a radical photojournalist blogger, to pass on their thanks to taxpayers for funding the security for the Royal Wedding (£20 million) and paying for a separate reception for the 1,300 oiks deemed not suitable to go back to the reception-proper at Buckingham Palace.  Well done everybody!  I'm sure the couple, and those invited, will have a fantastic day thanks to your efforts.
  Now get back to fucking work, or else.
The citizens of Ibrox, Glasgow,
wait in excited anticipation the day of the Royal Wedding

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wednesday Stop the Press - Lambeth Town Hall Occupied

Anti-cuts demonstrators have occupied Lambeth Town Hall during a private cuts meeting.   Labour Councillor Alex Bigham: 'What has happened is that the government has cut our funding by a third,' he added, saying that the council had been "forced" to take money from the public balance sheet or reduce back office spending.
Lambeth Councillors in a 'behind-closed-doors' cuts meeting
  'We are extremely angry that we have do that. I understand the protesters are angry but in many ways their actions are misdirected. They should be taking their protests elsewhere, such as to the Treasury.'
  Extremely angry and misdirected, Alex?  Really?  It's held in private so that the public don't get to hear about this soapy over-paid grasper and his mate's outrageous expenses and wages.  Geddit?!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Child Killer Colin Hatch Murdered in Prison.

BBC News - link.  A most excellent day.  Well done Damien Fowkes.  Last year he reportedly attacked Ian Huntley with a toothbrush-razor.  Make him the Governor of Broadmoor, I say.  This from the Mail -
'But Broadmoor had not considered Hatch dangerous enough at the time, Dr Wilkins said. Instead he was jailed for three years, as the judge was given no alternative.'
  Fine - no problem with that method.  Just one proviso from me - all the judges, lefties, liberals, social workers and psychiatrists who claim some sicko is successfully rehabilitated... the half-way house is the bedroom next to your kids or grandkids bedroom.  Got that?...  Or would that change things?  After all, these sort usually fetch-up on a sink-hole estate.  Far, far away from the village fete, gin and tonics and the sound of leather on willow.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Notice how concerned they are all of a sudden?

So let's get this straight - for decades our leaders have been allowing all sorts of unsavoury deals go on for Middle East oil.  Trading with despots... even trading them arms and riot control equipment.  Now all of a sudden we are expected to do a  mental flip and become aware of how vicious these murdering bastards were all along.  And our cherubic-faced Prime Minister (on an arms sales drive to the Middle East - you couldn't make it up) bangs on about freedom and the will of the people.
  Cameron - the will of the people can be battered to shreds with the gear you politicos okayed to be sent out there and the Sandhurst training you give to the children of the elite.
  Location: Sandhurst Military Academy.
Year: 1996
  At the time I was a reservist infantry NCO, being mobilised for Bosnia -  a posting I'd volunteered for because I wanted to do my bit.  Not part of any career ladder, Milliband you pencil-necked geek, nothing to do with a path to the top, Cameron you chinless, soapy-faced fuck... but because I gave a shit.  Because I cared, Mr Balls.  You fat smirking bastard. (Jesus I hate listening to that sanctimonious tosspot castigate the new government - the last people to preach and throw brick-bats should be the insane, grasping shadow-'Labour' who screwed us up to start with.  Binmen on £50,000+ salaries.  What can possibly go wrong?  It all has to be paid for by the private sector, you dumb 'Labour' clowns.)  Digressing.  Back to Sandhurst 1996.
  We were doing a pre-tour package.  Rifle ranges, medical and dental check, combat first aid, specific theatre induction (Bosnia - don't step off the hard-standing).  Despite it being Sandhurst the regime was slack.  We weren't would-be officers, and we'd stepped forward of our own accord.  They respected that, so left us alone.  Us - a mish-mash of RLC drivers, infantry, paras and SF (Nick), bottle washers and clerks, drawn from the length of Britain.  Soon the infantry colour sergeants in charge of us loosened up, especially around the infantry types.  And then one of them told us a story about the playboy son of a Middle East gangster-leader.
  'So as we hit the woodline where we'd be bivouacing for the night, I spotted him.  'Where's your GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun), Sir?'
  'It was too heavy, Colour Sergeant.  They make these things far too heavy.  So I buried it.'
  'You did fucking WHAT?!'
  'I buried it.  It is not a problem.  I buy you a new one, and I buy you a nice new car.   See - no problem.  You are my friend.  Now... I wish to sleep.'
  And we do business with them.  And whilst all that happens, whilst the political prisoners are tossed out of helicopters into the sea, are forced to eat crap and snot to the laughter of thugs in police and army uniform, whilst kids starve to death and women are gang-raped by aids-infected drug-crazed guerillas... the UN, the media and Western governments do nothing.  Disinterest, too, is a war crime.  Now over to Eamonn Holmes with hot news on Cheryl Cole's latest outfit, and a whacky squirrel who's learnt to raid a bird-table...

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Arms sales to Bahrain banned after shootings

'Some' arms exports to Bahrain and Libya have been halted by the British Government because of the risk they might be used to suppress protests, writes the Telegraph's man in Bahrain, Adrian Blomfield. Link.  Doctors there say that at least 120 people were wounded, some by live ammuntition.  More than 80 people have been killed in Libya since the start of the pro-democracy protests a week ago.
  So let's get this straight - only some arms sales have been stopped because they might be used against pro-democracy protestors.  So can we surmise that for years, our disgusting arms manufacturers, hands thoroughly doused in blood, have been selling weapons to similarly revolting regimes who openly suppress democracy using violence, terror and torture?
  Bahrain is governed by the Al Khalifa Royal Family.  Huh?  Royal, as in Kings, Queens, Princes?  Or  just the descendents of the most ruthless band of blood-thirsty thugs about at the time (1783) that the chance was there.

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.  Princess Michael is the
daughter of Nazi SS-man Gunther von Reibnitz.
Remember the Nazis?  Another disgusting regime.
  Which brings me on to how we view 'Royals'... if as adults we are aware that these people are not ordained by God, but instead have got there by luck, chance or (more likely) sheer ruthlessness, then when does the process start and stop?  If it was proper for the people of England, back in 1066 to accept the victor of the Battle of Hastings as King  - what's to stop some foreign Special Forces team hit Buckingham Palace, wiping out the Royals, and the commander then declaring himself 'King'?  If it was legitimate a thousand years ago, what's to stop it being legitimate now?    
  Let's find out.  Emailed Burke's Peerage... will update if they respond.  Update - they ignored me.  Obviously ain't got no peerage behind me.

Friday, 18 February 2011

UK Arms Sales to Bahrain Under Review

Following the use of violence against demonstrators in Bharain in the revolutionary wave spreading across the Arab world, the British government has decided to review the sale of riot equipment and arms to the country.  Leaving one to deduct that - just maybe - the despots, thugs and gangsters that have been terrorising the region since the beginning of the Cold War have been armed by Western companies.
British infantry troops training in the Middle East

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Spotted - A Rare Glimpse of Feudalism

‘Given the current climate we would like to be a little more circumspect about disseminating
 (councillors’ expenses) at this time.’
Summary findings of the Local Government Association’s survey of councillors’ allowances, released in the middle of the MPs expenses scandal...  in plain English – a message to Town Hall mandarins to stay hunkered down till the smoke clears.
When most of the adult population had landed on Planet Meltdown I was beaming with delight:  yes guys, they really are like that, a few steps higher to the top of the mountain, here we are... over there; look how the Town Hall chief's are rummaging around in the council tax trough.  The tax you are stung with; over a thousand pounds a year for most households.  And some of these clowns are on £200,000 +.  Over a hundred earn more than the Prime Minister (go figure).  What slips through their fingers goes towards the Five-A-Day co-ordinators, bin police and the like.  Your money.  And over on the other side of that lake to the West, we can see US politicians married to arms manufacturers... and then voting for war.  Get the connection, friends?  Arms manufacturers - votes for war?  You see, people, it's all linked.  Look around you, 360 degrees.  Over by the tree, quick or you'll miss it - yes, the rare Feudalism Attemptus, or Forest Grabber.  But it's a shy creature, and has already slipped away.  Seen only once or twice a decade, it waits in hiding until a really bad recession whereupon it's responds to the gathering call of the majestic Bullingdonia Royal Stag.
Hopeful purchasers of our forests and woods
in discussions with Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman,
architect of the sell-off
  So, next time you go to the Town Hall to pay your council tax, just think of the super-salaries of the people in charge of closing your kids SureStart creche, the pensioners classes, the disabled centre.
  Some of them even claim to be associated with a long-dead party called 'Labour'.

Eye's Up, Troops... link. Organising resistance hub for March 26, London march and protest.  Also hot off the press regarding that - on the grapevine I hear Ed Balls will be taking the stage at Hyde Park.  That's right - one of the insane 'Labour' bastards who bankrupted Britain thus ensuring the cuts has got the brass neck to stand there in his sharp suit, spouting bile against the Con-Dems. 
  BALLS - YOU AND YOUR BRAINLESS NEW 'LABOUR' CREW HAD YOUR INNINGS AND WEREN'T UP TO THE JOB.  So climb back into your gilded box and sod off to your inclusion, equity and diversity meetings.
Be Prepared
  I'm prepared to listen to most people's opinions... but not a clown who's just shat on my country from a great height.  Potential target for an action, anyone?

Monday, 14 February 2011

Massive hand-out for minor upset

A gay waiter who had his nipples tweaked by a customer at a Michelin-starred restaurant has been awarded £21,500 after winning his discrimination claim. Link.
  All you military and emergency services types... forget losing arms, legs and eyes.  Just say you're gay and hunt out a homophobia case.  After all,
'Soldiers whose lives have been shattered by the trauma of fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq are being given as little as £3,000 compensation after their medical discharge.' The Times 
  What are these old coffin dodgers on when they deal with military pay-outs?  It sure ain't port.  As for the gay waiter... I hope that's not taxpayer's money he's been handed.  If it is - the whole system needs looking at.  It wasn't us taxpayers that tweaked the snivelling wimp's nipples after all...  Jesus; he needs to try a couple of months on a building site the soft shite.  Maybe we take a look at judge's incomes in the future... expenses... that sort of thing.
  Regarding is it us taxpayers that have to fork out for these compensation whiners... you betcha.  Where the hell was the law when Baby P was being tortured?  Racing about protecting his dogshit mother from interference by the State.  Don't go givin' me evils - the Hell version.  The Law is shit - crafted by the propertied to protect property.  Human rights are an after-thought to appease the masses horrified by the onslaught of the 1940s (1948). 

Top world news pics

News photo awards - excellent, hard-hitting world pics.  Daily Star photographers - look away now; you have no calling here.  Real journalism. Link

Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Peek at the Press

'DAVID Cameron last night warned that anarchists behind London’s student riots would be hunted down and prosecuted with the “full force of the law”.'
Egyptians at Trafalgar Square on Saturday,
 the day Mubarak was booted out
Just spotted this huffy-puffy little quote by spoilt-brat PM Cameron from lowest out of the lot drivel-paper the Daily Star.  Can't for the life of me understand how hard news made it's way past the inane gibberish filter that goes for editorial choice at the Daily Star -  the day after Mubarak was kicked out and Egypt tasted freedom for the first time in decades, The Star's front-page headline was about Jordan's new toyboy.
  Trafalgar Square was awash with celebrating Egyptians... but the news photographers were as ever camped outside the houses of our dogshit celebrities, hoping for a pic of... what?  Some mouthy orange-glowed 'star' picking up the milk from the doorstep?
   One day later and Jordan's previous meat-head was back on the menu.  Trying to understand the mindset of a Star news editor is beyond me. The Star drifts along in it's own world of pointless plastic nonsense, beholden to nothing and no-one, truly a dumbing-down tool designed to make it's readers inert and dis-engaged.  A bit like the disgusting education system inflicted on the masses.

TakeVAT Heathrow... UK-Uncut splinter group

Meltdown photographer Neil Jackson joins forces with TakeVAT,
supplying them news-worthy pictures copyright-free
 Take VAT protestors targeted Heathrow on Saturday 11 February 2011.  They were highlighting the fact that airports don't pay VAT on fuel; thus subsidising fatcats jetting abroad as the rest of us freeze because we can't afford to heat our homes; nothing new there in the airline industry; a historical similarity would be the Concorde programme - over a £billion in development costs met by British and French taxpayers, yet the aircraft was only enjoyed by the super-rich. 
  Taxman: 'Cough up, sunshine.  The rich need your tax for their fancy new plane.'
  Blue-collar worker: 'Will you be subsidising caravan hoildays in the UK to meet MY needs?'
  Taxman: 'Are you fucking insane?  That's not how it works.  Poor people have no voice.  Now get that cash out of your wallet or you're off to gaol for tax avoidance.  And be quick about it - there's a moat that needs cleaning in Surrey.'
  Blue Collar Worker: 'So what?'
  Taxman: 'You're paying for that too.  It belongs to an MP.'
  Ever got the feeling you're being cheated?

Saturday, 12 February 2011


Take Vat. Gather outside Bank Station 10.30 today (Saturday).
Copied and pasted from Facebook:

Take VatFebruary 8, 2011 at 5:52am
Subject: Block Meeting points
The secret block meeting locations are now not so secret

The first location is outside the Bank of England and BANK STATION, for a map put;51.513467,-0.088196 into google maps

And the second location is opposite GEEN PARK STATION, for a map put;51.506846,-0.142348 into google maps

Meet at ether of these locations at 10:30 on saturday. we will move to our targets from there

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Fog Lifts on a Piece of the Jigsaw

Biggest tax scam ever by Cameron - I'll look into it later but too important to ignore. Thanks to reader and spotter Madhatter Assymetry Pixie, punk rocker chick.

Spotlight on a Grasping Pig - Sir Richard Leese

These anarchist chicks were really upset with Sir Richard Leese
when I told them what he'd been up to. 
Snuffling about in the pig-pen after a hard day's bricklaying on - would you believe - East London Mosque, I spotted a very happy little piglet with a rounded tummy, operating in the Manchester pen and calling himself - like so many other pigs of recent years - 'Sir'.
Sir Richard Leese and 'Labour' friends on
Manchester City Council
  Sir Richard Leese is leader of 'Labour'-dominated Manchester City Council.    I always place 'Labour' in quotation marks because there isn't a day of hard work in them.  They have no connection whatsoever with craftsmen, industrial and agricultural workers and all others who produce and sweat for their income.
  They do however have shiney arses on their trousers because of all the meetings they go to, spouting endless torrents of shit.
  That rebuke doesn't make me a Tory though - I detest all politicians and parasites equally; I use Tories as sources attacking 'Labour' because they know they'll be in court if their attacks don't stand up.  Likewise a Tory spotlight.
  So back to 'Sir' Richard.
  BBC News - 'Leisure centres, libraries and public toilets will close as part of a council's plan to make nearly £110m of savings in the next financial year.'
  Council leader Sir Richard Leese: 'Putting this budget together has involved the most difficult, and in many ways, most unpalatable process I have been involved in since I was first elected to the council.  I cannot and will not pretend that the financial position in which we have been placed is anything other than bad news.   
   'Manchester is the fourth most deprived local authority area in the country but is among the top five hardest hit local authorities.  But we are doing everything we can to protect and maintain the services which people need.'
  Yeah?  'Been placed', Leese?  You did it yourself to the people of Manchester.  This is what the prick decided was a good investment last year  - a Facebook boss costing Manchester City taxpayers £38,000 a year.  So there's the income from a street of council taxpayers wiped out while the Town Hall fatcats played the trendy social media game.  Laughably, he was awarded a Knighthood in 2006 for Services to Local Government.

Manchester City Council's combined main nerve-centre
for budget allocation... and complaints department

  Remember the Birmingham binmen on £45,000 a year?  Same sort of brainless party idiot... Let's take a look at one of Manchester's more pressing priorities (this orange hyperlink lists insane waste by MCC) with the help of the Taxpayers Alliance... here's one from October 2010:
 'External Relations Manager on a salary of £35,430 to £38,961 to advise on marketing campaigns.  Good to see they have their priorities in order – image first, services last.'
  £35,000 is too much, you say?  LOL!  His chum Sir Howard Bernstein made £200,000 a year.  Maybe he still does - it's hard to keep up with these fucking pigs as they nose about in The Trough. So imagine what this swine is raking in; shameless Manchester City Council refused to respond to a TPA request asking for council chief's salaries to be revealed.  Most of the other authorities in Greater Manchester did so.
  Put it this way; he even made it to limousine-sellers website Limo-Broker when he demanded his own limousine and dedicated driver.  Maybe 'even made it' is an unfair phrase.  Perhaps Limo-Broker and top 'Labour' players have a long history.  Nothing would surprise me with these hypocrits.  Actually - one thing would... have they ever done hard physical work?  Any of them?  Look at that fat ferry-steward they trot out as Old Labour; Prescott - he's never sweated...
  'Labour?' responded hod-carrier Paul in Seven Sister's, Hackney, a hod of bricks over his shoulder, 'There ain't a minutes labour in 'em.  Bit deep for eight in the mornin', Neil.'  And up the ladders he went.  I buttered the brick robotically as I watched him race off on his personal mission - to be better than the young lads.  Deep?  Only because everyone's been dumbed down.  Update - he 'earns' over £200,000 per annum.  Think about that as they lock the library door for the last time, Manchester. Your library doors.

  Wanted - Parker-type to play chauffeur for the gilded-peacock council boss of cuts-hit Manchester City Council.  Must be obsequious and servile to befit our latter-day Roman Proconsul from scab mining town Mansfield.  Minimum wage... of course.    Apply to - His Lordship's Equerry, Ivory Towers, Trough Lane, Manchester. ME£ £££.    Previous service with Her Majesty will be considered favourably.

It's all about cash.  Nothing else

Monday, 7 February 2011

Child murderers parading as civic leaders

The High Court in Bangladesh has ordered the authorities to exhume the body of a 14-year-old girl who received about 80 lashes in public.
  Hena Begum died a week after she received the punishment for allegedly having an affair with a married man.
  The High (Sharia) Court order comes after the initial post-mortem report said there was "no sign of any external or internal injuries to the body of Hena Begum".
  Bangladesh receives about $2 billion in foreign aid anually, a large proportion of which is siphoned off by crooked officials.  But that's okay - they vote the way the they're told to at the UN and other ineffective diplomatic gravy trains.
  Sharia law - like what those 'Labour' wankers wanted to allow in Britain.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Gary Moore tribute

Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore, RIP.  Died today. BBC report.

How to be an investigative reporter - lesson one

'He may be a bastard but he's our bastard.'
CIA chief William Casey discussing Panamian thug and dictator Manuel Noriega.
In a kick in the teeth to Western forces, Afghan puppet 'President' Hamid Karzai has ordered a purge on Christians.
  Already mired in reveleations of atrocious treatment of women - who  can be held indefinately in primitive gaols for having the temerity to ask for a divorce after forced child marriages and an abusive life thereafter, now the thug is going for those who thought they had any right to choose their religion in a country where hundreds of Western, Christian troops have died bolstering his shaky rule.  A Red Cross worker is facing the death penalty under Sharia law for converting to Christianity. 
  Physiotherapist Said Musa, 45, has been in custody since May.  Mr Musa's job was helping landmine victims.

  So let's look afresh at the information.  The troops were sent in to 'free' the people of Afghanistan and restrict terrorist training camps.  (But there's no drive to do the same in Yemen, Somalia, Syria etc...?)  So - what other reason could there be for our involvement?  Let's do a little google search...  let's open a fresh browser window and go with 'Afghanistan + trillion + resources'.
  Hmmm.  Interesting.  881,000 results.
  So that's one possible reason, reason enough to invade.
  Hey; this is fun.  Let's see if there's more... 'Caspian + oil + pipeline + Unocol + Afghanistan'.
  Wow!  Proposed pipelines in the nineties from the Caspian to Pakistan via Afghanistan.  And out into the Arabian Gulf, where the oil tankers are.
  So what are our budding investigative reporters going to do with this information?
  Answer - nothing.  Because the bastards own the media, and have turned it into dogshit.  Now - if you want to know all about publicity-obsessed Katie Price's marriage break-up with some meat-head... you're in business.  Because, at the end of the day... they want to keep you inert - docile and dumbed down.


Pics from the Egyptian Embassy, London 5/2/2011

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Your cash trousered by bankers

More than 100 investment bankers at taxpayer bailed-out RBS are to receive bonuses of over £1 million each.

RBS high-fliers discuss their pay deal
  Top trough-wallower Stephen Hester claimed 84% public-owned RBS acted with 'restraint' as the chief executive rewarded his team of slavering graspers in a move calculated to keep them from quitting for greener pastures.
  'Recruiting good people and retaining good people is the most important job I have.  The number of top-rated people we lost doubled last year,' the grinning, fat fucking pig chuckled through mouthfulls of pork pie, cake and crisps.

  Last year the bank made a loss of £3.6 billion.  Some top-rated stars, huh?
  Branch staff are set to receive less than £1,000.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Rottenborough council hits the headlines again

The drivel media fixated this week on idiotic health and safety jobsworths in Stoke insisting on scaffolding being erected to change light bulbs.  I've touched on Stoke before.  This is indeed the case and I'm no friend of these otherwise-unemployable 'managers' and their clipboards, cameras and insane rules.  Another use for them would be traffic enforcement 'officer' (don't make me laugh - they're just donuts in a Hitler outfit).  
  The story -  council contractor Kier Stoke who operate in Staffordshire insist on using scaffolding to do mundane jobs such as changing light bulbs and clearing gutters (I sometimes clear gutters - I use an extension ladder.)
No doubt this guy will get the chop -
but the bloated management team will remain.

  In the real world Kier Stoke would put a price in to a householder... and be promptly laughed out of the door. 
  When quizzed (it's only when they get quizzed by the press that they start to engage their brains) a spokesman explained - 'We are working with Kier to reduce this (£1.4million) cost (met by the taxpayer) by introducing new safe and efficient methods of access.'

  How about this one...
no 'new' safe and efficent methods. 
A CRB-vetted builder
in a van with a ladder on a roof-rack. 
Like in the old days, you useless fucking idiots.
Can anyone else see the similarity between
 these morons and the Party leaders -
the soft-faced wimps who've never heard a rifle fire,
never been in  a pub fight, never had a real job...

But because they're sub-contracting for a dogshit council, they have a green light to rip us off.  So instead of the crap 'journalists' banging a drum about health and safety gone mad - maybe they should ask about the chains that tie dogshit councils to suppliers and sub-contractors.  And ask if some of these sleazy Town Hall mandarins are taking a brown envelope in the back pocket in order to allow their golf club mates to rip us off.  Because - at the end of the day - these parasites live off our backs.  Get angry.  Get engaged. 
Doing nothing will only make it worse.