Saturday, 19 February 2011

Arms sales to Bahrain banned after shootings

'Some' arms exports to Bahrain and Libya have been halted by the British Government because of the risk they might be used to suppress protests, writes the Telegraph's man in Bahrain, Adrian Blomfield. Link.  Doctors there say that at least 120 people were wounded, some by live ammuntition.  More than 80 people have been killed in Libya since the start of the pro-democracy protests a week ago.
  So let's get this straight - only some arms sales have been stopped because they might be used against pro-democracy protestors.  So can we surmise that for years, our disgusting arms manufacturers, hands thoroughly doused in blood, have been selling weapons to similarly revolting regimes who openly suppress democracy using violence, terror and torture?
  Bahrain is governed by the Al Khalifa Royal Family.  Huh?  Royal, as in Kings, Queens, Princes?  Or  just the descendents of the most ruthless band of blood-thirsty thugs about at the time (1783) that the chance was there.

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.  Princess Michael is the
daughter of Nazi SS-man Gunther von Reibnitz.
Remember the Nazis?  Another disgusting regime.
  Which brings me on to how we view 'Royals'... if as adults we are aware that these people are not ordained by God, but instead have got there by luck, chance or (more likely) sheer ruthlessness, then when does the process start and stop?  If it was proper for the people of England, back in 1066 to accept the victor of the Battle of Hastings as King  - what's to stop some foreign Special Forces team hit Buckingham Palace, wiping out the Royals, and the commander then declaring himself 'King'?  If it was legitimate a thousand years ago, what's to stop it being legitimate now?    
  Let's find out.  Emailed Burke's Peerage... will update if they respond.  Update - they ignored me.  Obviously ain't got no peerage behind me.

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