Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Child Killer Colin Hatch Murdered in Prison.

BBC News - link.  A most excellent day.  Well done Damien Fowkes.  Last year he reportedly attacked Ian Huntley with a toothbrush-razor.  Make him the Governor of Broadmoor, I say.  This from the Mail -
'But Broadmoor had not considered Hatch dangerous enough at the time, Dr Wilkins said. Instead he was jailed for three years, as the judge was given no alternative.'
  Fine - no problem with that method.  Just one proviso from me - all the judges, lefties, liberals, social workers and psychiatrists who claim some sicko is successfully rehabilitated... the half-way house is the bedroom next to your kids or grandkids bedroom.  Got that?...  Or would that change things?  After all, these sort usually fetch-up on a sink-hole estate.  Far, far away from the village fete, gin and tonics and the sound of leather on willow.

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