Thursday, 17 February 2011

Eye's Up, Troops... link. Organising resistance hub for March 26, London march and protest.  Also hot off the press regarding that - on the grapevine I hear Ed Balls will be taking the stage at Hyde Park.  That's right - one of the insane 'Labour' bastards who bankrupted Britain thus ensuring the cuts has got the brass neck to stand there in his sharp suit, spouting bile against the Con-Dems. 
  BALLS - YOU AND YOUR BRAINLESS NEW 'LABOUR' CREW HAD YOUR INNINGS AND WEREN'T UP TO THE JOB.  So climb back into your gilded box and sod off to your inclusion, equity and diversity meetings.
Be Prepared
  I'm prepared to listen to most people's opinions... but not a clown who's just shat on my country from a great height.  Potential target for an action, anyone?

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