Monday, 14 February 2011

Massive hand-out for minor upset

A gay waiter who had his nipples tweaked by a customer at a Michelin-starred restaurant has been awarded £21,500 after winning his discrimination claim. Link.
  All you military and emergency services types... forget losing arms, legs and eyes.  Just say you're gay and hunt out a homophobia case.  After all,
'Soldiers whose lives have been shattered by the trauma of fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq are being given as little as £3,000 compensation after their medical discharge.' The Times 
  What are these old coffin dodgers on when they deal with military pay-outs?  It sure ain't port.  As for the gay waiter... I hope that's not taxpayer's money he's been handed.  If it is - the whole system needs looking at.  It wasn't us taxpayers that tweaked the snivelling wimp's nipples after all...  Jesus; he needs to try a couple of months on a building site the soft shite.  Maybe we take a look at judge's incomes in the future... expenses... that sort of thing.
  Regarding is it us taxpayers that have to fork out for these compensation whiners... you betcha.  Where the hell was the law when Baby P was being tortured?  Racing about protecting his dogshit mother from interference by the State.  Don't go givin' me evils - the Hell version.  The Law is shit - crafted by the propertied to protect property.  Human rights are an after-thought to appease the masses horrified by the onslaught of the 1940s (1948). 

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