Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Peek at the Press

'DAVID Cameron last night warned that anarchists behind London’s student riots would be hunted down and prosecuted with the “full force of the law”.'
Egyptians at Trafalgar Square on Saturday,
 the day Mubarak was booted out
Just spotted this huffy-puffy little quote by spoilt-brat PM Cameron from lowest out of the lot drivel-paper the Daily Star.  Can't for the life of me understand how hard news made it's way past the inane gibberish filter that goes for editorial choice at the Daily Star -  the day after Mubarak was kicked out and Egypt tasted freedom for the first time in decades, The Star's front-page headline was about Jordan's new toyboy.
  Trafalgar Square was awash with celebrating Egyptians... but the news photographers were as ever camped outside the houses of our dogshit celebrities, hoping for a pic of... what?  Some mouthy orange-glowed 'star' picking up the milk from the doorstep?
   One day later and Jordan's previous meat-head was back on the menu.  Trying to understand the mindset of a Star news editor is beyond me. The Star drifts along in it's own world of pointless plastic nonsense, beholden to nothing and no-one, truly a dumbing-down tool designed to make it's readers inert and dis-engaged.  A bit like the disgusting education system inflicted on the masses.

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