Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Rottenborough council hits the headlines again

The drivel media fixated this week on idiotic health and safety jobsworths in Stoke insisting on scaffolding being erected to change light bulbs.  I've touched on Stoke before.  This is indeed the case and I'm no friend of these otherwise-unemployable 'managers' and their clipboards, cameras and insane rules.  Another use for them would be traffic enforcement 'officer' (don't make me laugh - they're just donuts in a Hitler outfit).  
  The story -  council contractor Kier Stoke who operate in Staffordshire insist on using scaffolding to do mundane jobs such as changing light bulbs and clearing gutters (I sometimes clear gutters - I use an extension ladder.)
No doubt this guy will get the chop -
but the bloated management team will remain.

  In the real world Kier Stoke would put a price in to a householder... and be promptly laughed out of the door. 
  When quizzed (it's only when they get quizzed by the press that they start to engage their brains) a spokesman explained - 'We are working with Kier to reduce this (£1.4million) cost (met by the taxpayer) by introducing new safe and efficient methods of access.'

  How about this one...
no 'new' safe and efficent methods. 
A CRB-vetted builder
in a van with a ladder on a roof-rack. 
Like in the old days, you useless fucking idiots.
Can anyone else see the similarity between
 these morons and the Party leaders -
the soft-faced wimps who've never heard a rifle fire,
never been in  a pub fight, never had a real job...

But because they're sub-contracting for a dogshit council, they have a green light to rip us off.  So instead of the crap 'journalists' banging a drum about health and safety gone mad - maybe they should ask about the chains that tie dogshit councils to suppliers and sub-contractors.  And ask if some of these sleazy Town Hall mandarins are taking a brown envelope in the back pocket in order to allow their golf club mates to rip us off.  Because - at the end of the day - these parasites live off our backs.  Get angry.  Get engaged. 
Doing nothing will only make it worse.

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