Thursday, 17 February 2011

Spotted - A Rare Glimpse of Feudalism

‘Given the current climate we would like to be a little more circumspect about disseminating
 (councillors’ expenses) at this time.’
Summary findings of the Local Government Association’s survey of councillors’ allowances, released in the middle of the MPs expenses scandal...  in plain English – a message to Town Hall mandarins to stay hunkered down till the smoke clears.
When most of the adult population had landed on Planet Meltdown I was beaming with delight:  yes guys, they really are like that, a few steps higher to the top of the mountain, here we are... over there; look how the Town Hall chief's are rummaging around in the council tax trough.  The tax you are stung with; over a thousand pounds a year for most households.  And some of these clowns are on £200,000 +.  Over a hundred earn more than the Prime Minister (go figure).  What slips through their fingers goes towards the Five-A-Day co-ordinators, bin police and the like.  Your money.  And over on the other side of that lake to the West, we can see US politicians married to arms manufacturers... and then voting for war.  Get the connection, friends?  Arms manufacturers - votes for war?  You see, people, it's all linked.  Look around you, 360 degrees.  Over by the tree, quick or you'll miss it - yes, the rare Feudalism Attemptus, or Forest Grabber.  But it's a shy creature, and has already slipped away.  Seen only once or twice a decade, it waits in hiding until a really bad recession whereupon it's responds to the gathering call of the majestic Bullingdonia Royal Stag.
Hopeful purchasers of our forests and woods
in discussions with Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman,
architect of the sell-off
  So, next time you go to the Town Hall to pay your council tax, just think of the super-salaries of the people in charge of closing your kids SureStart creche, the pensioners classes, the disabled centre.
  Some of them even claim to be associated with a long-dead party called 'Labour'.

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