Sunday, 13 February 2011

TakeVAT Heathrow... UK-Uncut splinter group

Meltdown photographer Neil Jackson joins forces with TakeVAT,
supplying them news-worthy pictures copyright-free
 Take VAT protestors targeted Heathrow on Saturday 11 February 2011.  They were highlighting the fact that airports don't pay VAT on fuel; thus subsidising fatcats jetting abroad as the rest of us freeze because we can't afford to heat our homes; nothing new there in the airline industry; a historical similarity would be the Concorde programme - over a £billion in development costs met by British and French taxpayers, yet the aircraft was only enjoyed by the super-rich. 
  Taxman: 'Cough up, sunshine.  The rich need your tax for their fancy new plane.'
  Blue-collar worker: 'Will you be subsidising caravan hoildays in the UK to meet MY needs?'
  Taxman: 'Are you fucking insane?  That's not how it works.  Poor people have no voice.  Now get that cash out of your wallet or you're off to gaol for tax avoidance.  And be quick about it - there's a moat that needs cleaning in Surrey.'
  Blue Collar Worker: 'So what?'
  Taxman: 'You're paying for that too.  It belongs to an MP.'
  Ever got the feeling you're being cheated?

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