Saturday, 5 February 2011

Your cash trousered by bankers

More than 100 investment bankers at taxpayer bailed-out RBS are to receive bonuses of over £1 million each.

RBS high-fliers discuss their pay deal
  Top trough-wallower Stephen Hester claimed 84% public-owned RBS acted with 'restraint' as the chief executive rewarded his team of slavering graspers in a move calculated to keep them from quitting for greener pastures.
  'Recruiting good people and retaining good people is the most important job I have.  The number of top-rated people we lost doubled last year,' the grinning, fat fucking pig chuckled through mouthfulls of pork pie, cake and crisps.

  Last year the bank made a loss of £3.6 billion.  Some top-rated stars, huh?
  Branch staff are set to receive less than £1,000.

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