Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Evening Standard letter

Looks like I'm going to get a letter into the Evening Standard in response to the violence at Trafalgar Square...
'My congratulations to Sam Leith on his article 'Anarchist' isn't a synonym for 'thug' or 'vandal' [link.]
  I was in the kettle on Trafalgar Square on Saturday night, and spent some time quieting down hot-headed Black Block kids, tearful students and even over-aggressive riot police.  I served 14 years in the infantry (Reserves) including Bosnia, and made the rank of full corporal, infantry section commander.  I now work as a bricklayer, having lectured in the subject, and I'm happy to call myself an anarchist.  Anarchists include amongst their number some great radical thinkers, including academics Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn as well as economists, writers and poets.  None of whom have thrown a brick in their lives, I believe.
  Now, as for the (former) thugs and vandals of the Bullingdon Club... well, they're running the country.  Allegedly.
Neil Jackson,
Meltdown 2017

The Evening Standard letter's editor response -
'Neil thank you very much for this, keen to use, but would you also consider
explaining a key point Sam raises which is why anarchists are taking a
prominent part in protests against the shrinking of the state?'Josh Neicho
Evening Standard Letters'

  Update - Conclusion - the letter got in, edited.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Miliband speaks to the sheep

'Labour' leader Ed Miliband addressed an estimated 250,000 anti-cuts protestors at Hyde Park yesterday, BBC link. 
  With breath-taking aplomb, the champagne socialist said, 'The Tories said I should not come and speak today. But I am proud to stand with you. There is an alternative.'
  We have seen that alternative.  It is a world where 'Labour' Town Hall chiefs earn more than the Prime Minister, where bankers ravage the economy at will, and where morons such as George Bush say jump, to which 'Labour' responds with - 'How many body bags should we take, boss?'  - a 'Labour' that has never laboured - never held a shovel, built a wall, or slid on body armour.  In short, aside from mental workouts in the policy comittee, never grafted.
  So, a quick summary for radicals.  UK Uncut took over Fortnum and Mason.  Black Block kicked off around Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square.  Meltdown erected a marquee on Hyde Park to act as a hub and lessons have been learned.  It's hotting up.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Countdown to Meltdown

Our kids future - if those bastards hold sway
The Countdown begins.  Saturday March 26 - the most important fight in our lives. 
   People living outside London be aware - because of the huge numbers expected to be there protesting against our government of community resource cutting-millionairres, travel may be a problem when you hit the coach hubs.  Google TFL and learn about Oyster Cards - they are credit-card-sized blue cards which you swipe as you enter and exit tube stations and buses.  A 20 quid top-up should easily get you through the day and the day after.  The card costs itself a fiver; they can be bought at stations and at newsagent shops; anywhere the blue sticker/poster is displayed.  If you are arrested say 'No Comment' - the police will only use what they need from your interview to help their case - anything more than No Comment is a case for the prosecution.  Welcome to London, have an exciting time, enjoy yourselves - and don't be shepherded and by the TUC and preached to by those lying, cheating, grasping 'Labour' bastards on the stage at Hyde Park.  The suits are currently hitting the most vulnerable the hardest in their council cuts, so as to show up the Millionaire's Party... neither are worth a wank.  It's coming up to party time.  Let's go for it.  We are everywhere...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Police swoop on 'vandals' aged four and six

Heavy-handed Dorset police have swooped on two little girls picking flowers in a public park - link.  The pair, Olivia and Marengo, picked daffodils on a Sunday outing at Whitecliff Park in Poole.
  Officers observed the family for 20 minutes before approaching the parents, leaving the girls in tears.
  From The Guardian story - A relative of Poole Conservative councillor Peter Adams called the police. Adams said: "The children weren't just taking one or two daffodils, it was big clumps of them.
  And on that note it all falls into place.  Some acidic church-going scum-fuck watched the kids and instead of alerting the parents, decided to phone the police.   And rather than  cautioned for wasting police time, the poisonous bastard waves the 'my relative is on the council' card, and lo - the oceans part before them.  You try it - you'll be getting a bollocking.  Vile local politicians aside, let's examine the plod in Sleepytown, Dorset.
  We live in a country where teen gangs roam the streets unchecked, where status dog-owning scum strut about, where drug-pushers, paedophiles, muggers, rapists  and murderers roam.  
  But there's little to be had from the pockets of the jobless scum on the council estates.  So let's just leave them to it.  Sure there will be the occasional tradgedy, but at the end of the day we have to justify our budget.  And if that means harvesting ordinary taxpayers, so be it.
  If this is all the police can come up with then in my eyes they are diminished.  They are also diminished every time I see a car pulled over.  A car... ie a mobile ATM.  They waste our resources - because we taxpayers pay for it all - on harvesting the cash-crop of motorists instead of hitting the scum.   
  If that's all the cops of Dorset can come up with... then there's too many cops in Dorset.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Nick Clegg on protests

Lib Dem party leader Mr Clegg urged Lib Dem members to "hold your nerve", saying "with power comes protest".
  In a speech to the party's Spring Conference in Sheffield, the former public schoolboy told his sheeple 'We've put down our placards and taken up the reins of power. It's a big change but it's worth it... You can't do everything when you are in power, but you can't do anything when you are not. With power comes protest. We need to get used to it.'  BBC News - link .
  Two things on that score, Nick.  Point One: You're not in power - Cameron is, you doormat.
  And Two: By siding with the Tories as they demolish what the forebears of working class people fought for in the Twentieth Century, you'll be out on your arse, discredited, as soon as the system allows it.   (Nick Clegg is the Great-Grandson of an Imperial Russian Baron, father Nicholas is Chairman of the United Trusts Bank).
  That's if the system doesn't come crashing down as the New Feudalists attempt to erode anything that helps the poor and vulnerable.  Confidence in MPs and council chiefs has evaporated, we work longer yet slide into the red, the price of basic foodstuffs spins upwards at the till like some South American peso economy of the Eighties, and then we watch bankers gorging themselves.  So you see, Nick... the Last Days of Rome may finally be here.  A greedy yet weak and divided elite faced with a simmering mass.
  Today's Vandals, Huns and Goths are waiting and watching.
  See you at the barricades, Nick.  I'll be on the other side.  Best Regards, former infantry corporal Neil Jackson.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

World cannot stand aside from Libya, says Cameron

UN bureaucrats meeting a Western taxpayer
From BBC - link - 'We have got to prepare for what we might have to do if he [Gaddafi] goes on brutalising his own people.  I had a phone call with President Obama this afternoon to talk about the planning we have to do in case this continues and in case he [Gaddafi] does terrible things to his own people. I don't think we can stand aside and let that happen.'
  If international governments need to be drafted in to halt the thug Gadaffi - then why are we paying for the ineffective organisation laughably called the United Nations?  Who's role seems to me, primarily, to feed those about to be slaughtered by evil thugs?  Or is the UN all a big talking shop, another gravy train for well-salaried bureaucrats to trough out in?  I'm sure we'll see them fail yet again in the Middle East. Bosnia blog - link - where they moved heaven and earth to get food through.  To those about to be slaughtered.  Dumb, useless UN bastards.  Forget them. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Action - Whitechapel's Royal London Hospital, 5PM Wednesday 9 March.

Nearest tube - Whitechapel. Hospital is directly opposite as you leave the station. 
  NHS staff, student nurses and patients will march from the Whitechapel location, through the City (in full view of the trough graspers) and on to another east London hospital, Barts.  Local media link.
Time to join the people, mate?

Monday, 7 March 2011

'Labour' berate ConDems handling of Libya

BBC News - Link.  'Labour' accuse ConDem ministers of serial bungling.  I'm struggling to get my head round this; so now it's time for Analogy Corner...
  One of the prefects in the school yard (Brit Gov) was happy that the naughty boys (Arab despots) were walking about with catapults (arms).  He even sold them some.  Later, the prefect was stripped of his position for letting Billy Bunter in the Tuck Shop fill his tummy with all the treats and goodies (bankers fiasco).

Royal Anglians training for the Middle East
 When a naughty boy used a catapult to hurt fellow schoolkids, the sacked prefect waved an admonishing finger at his replacement.  Following me so far?  I for one am completely lost - to listen to these international arms-dealers tut-tutting because a small SF operation screws up...?  The reason Ghadaffi wasn't toppled like the other crooks down there is because 'Labour' sold him excellent weaponry.  Which could now be used against our service personnel.  Thanks 'Labour'... Yet again; you're the last crowd of idiots who should be allowed to express an opinion.  If one British-made bullet harms one member of our Forces - arrests should be made of those back this end who allowed it to happen.  I think the rebel Libyans have got a case against us as well.  How dare we sell arms to despots?!!  What the hell did our forbears fight WW2 for, if not for freedom from oppression?   Do us all a favour, 'Labour' - climb back into your box, strike up a meeting about inclusion, equity and diversity or some other load of nannying drivvel... and leave the rest of us to get on with sorting out the absolute mess you left our nation in.
Dear Chief Secretary, I'm afraid there is no money. Kind regards - and good luck! Liam' [A note left by Liam Byrne: 'Labour's' former Chief Secretary to the Treasury to his successor after the election.]
Conflict - The Trough

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Miliband link to Ghadafi

From BBC News - 'Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband has said it is "horrific" that a London School of Economics lecture in his father's name was delivered by Saif Gaddafi.' link
  The evil despot's son Saif gave the Ralph Miliband memorial lecture in May 2010. A week is a long time in politics - evidently a year is incomparably more so, and three decades stretches back into the Miocene. 
Pig Pen Number One
  The facts remain from the eighties; they haven't changed despite the wishes of our opportunistic leaders.  WPC Fletcher and the Lockerbie victims are still dead, killed by Ghadaffi's regime.  
    When Miliband was Foreign Secretary for three years... those facts remained.
 In reaction to the row over convicted bomber Megrahi's release, he said that British interests 'would be damaged, perhaps badly, if Megrahi were to die in a Scottish prison rather than Libya'.  - Commons statement, October 2009.  Backflipping madly, so-called Labour's one-time leadership candidate now has the audacity to complain about Saif's speech from the opposition back-benches.  But it was his mob busily signing away the arms deals which are now coming to fruition in the shape of bodies piling up in Libya.  If anyone should be complaining - it's the Libyan people, railing against New 'Labour' bastards like policy unit chief Miliband and the laughably titled Middle East peace envoy Blair.  Policy unit boss?  Get a working class job for a few years before preaching to me about hard work and socialism, - you represent the Labour Party.  You've never once lifted a shovel you glib pencil-neck.  How the hell did the working class of Britain allow these policy bosses, lawyers and sodding sales reps to run their party?
  LSE director Sir Howard Davies resigned over the shameful links. 
  Can we expect the same from any of the champagne Socialists?
  And those British interests that could have been so badly damaged?
  Mr Churchill, a telegram from the chemical works on Iona for you sir.  It reads, 'Our company representative in Berlin has been told that the Nazis are considering halting the purchase of our poison gas, instead opting for their own product, a compound called Zyklon B.  If you continue with your aggressive and interfering stance regarding European politics, British business interests in the region will be irreversibly harmed. Regards, A. Grasper, Soul-less Chemical Corporation.'

  And as for Blair - who used his last foreign trip as PM to sign a confidential deal with  Gaddafi to train Libyan special forces and supply him with Nato secrets - I've heard nothing from him.  He's the Middle East peace envoy and he's gone to ground.  So, as a taxpayer - CAN I HAVE MY FUCKING MONEY BACK FROM THE FRAUDSTER, PLEASE?  If a bricky talked a great wall then didn't show up to build your garden wall... he wouldn't get paid.  So why are these bastards swimming in money and producing nothing?

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

News From The Farm

Camden council had one of their revolting little CCTV cars park before a Diversion sign... and then promptly hammered all the motorists who responded correctly to the sign - Evening Standard link.  Now this disgusting little trick has come to light, and they have to hand cash back to motorists who were issued fixed penalty tickets.  Which made me think... all those scams these councils pull.  Things like being back late to the car by two minutes on an empty street (thus stopping no-one else from parking) and getting hammered by the (otherwise unemployable) traffic warden... bin fines and the like...
  Lots of money.  Then there's council bosses on over 200 Grand a year.  See how it kinda fits, like a jigsaw?  We even vote them in.  Maybe because they send us their in-house free 'newspapers'.  Which we pay for.  Read one sometime.  They sugar-coat all the bullshit these clowns do.  You pay for a news photographer and a hack to follow these overpaid graspers around as they plant trees, cut ribbons and grin inanely as they shake hands and present cheques to charities.  What you won't see in this PR tripe is the other side of their murkey business.  Voting their own pay rises, winter 'fact-finding' missions to the sun, brown envelopes and sleeze.

Forget wars, price rises and unemployment -
we can all talk about a celebrity
  But not to worry - we've the national press to keep us informed where the local rags are squeezed out or just too frightened of losing ad revenue to rock any boats.  Here's the editor of a national tabloid, forging ahead in his new career... producing slop.  With people like Piers Morgan running national dailys... do you ever wonder why we seem - kinda, you know, thicker nowadays, innit?
  'A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself - Arthur Miller'
  'A British tabloid is a team of idiots talking shit' - Neil Jackson
  So why the title, News From The Farm?  Because we're all being milked by the scum in charge.  And Camden's CCTV car shows how batant they are about it, how thin the veneer is that they're in the job because of altruism, of wanting to help their fellow citizens.
    Read Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and you'll get a better understanding of what they're like; they were at it 100 years ago just as sharply and, no doubt, right back to the beginning of awareness... the parasite class.  Think about it when you get your gas bill.  And then remember all those revolting Russian oligarchs lazing on their super-yachts in the sun with their trophy wives.  You know, the gangsters who sell Britain it's gas.  British Gas - the 'doing the right thing' people.
  What a bunch of mugs we are - about 20,000 elderly British people die in winter every year because of cold.  And we get all contented from the nice blue-glowy adverts, and smile admiringly as Abramovich buys a new fleet of jets.  Turn off that television set and get involved.  Link

March 26 Tube closures from Radfax

Following on from the ban on Coaches to Central London after 9am please find a list of known closures to underground lines on the day!

The District Line will have no service between;
Upminster to Tower Hill, use C2C from Upminster, Barking or West Ham to Fenchurch Street.
Edgware Road to Parsons Green, Circle line is running.

The Central Line
From Trev Radfax: Tube clsures on the day...
No service Marble Arch to Ealing Broadway or West Ruislip. District line from Ealing Broadway is running and the Piccadilly line from Ruislip is running.

The Circle line is not running from Hammersmith to Edgware Rd but the circular route is running.

Hammersmith and city line no service Aldgate to Barking

Metropolitan line no service Moorgate to Aldgate.

Please advise all of your Branches and activists who are attending of these closures. Also a gentle reminder, that I need notification of any coaches that you are aware of who are using the parking facilities at Nine Elms, Wembley or The Excel prior to the day.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

UN Investigators attacked - and resort straight to form

From the BBC: Ivory Coast: UN experts attacked in Yamoussoukro...
  'The UN Sanctions Committee on Ivory Coast says it has not been able to positively confirm the shipment [of attack helicopters from Belarus], though it said UN personnel should continue monitoring the situation.
  A planned meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the reports has been cancelled.'
  BBC report ends.
  '...has been cancelled.'  A leopard never changes it's spots; read that again in child-format.  Teachers who were about to have a discussion about a school bully scrapped the meeting because the bully had bought a big baseball bat.  Huh?  Is that why these pathetic grey suits are creaming in over 100 K a year... to ignore human rights abuses?
.  Which reminds me of a similar UN reaction some years back. 
‘Let us do nothing - AT ONCE!’
Mathew Gordon, former United Nations chief press officer, on a previous conflict.
  He was translating a representative’s speech for the English-speaking press corps.  As the Arab world is thrown into chaos and protestors gunned down, observe the inaction of the UN as the situation unravels.  I guarantee you - the over-paid bureaucrats of the UN will either do absolutley nothing (aside from creating hot air) or will have a negative impact (as they did in Bosnia, where their involvement can be summed up as feeding those about to be slaughtered.  Even the proximity of the blue helmets on the ground hindered NATO attacks on Serb tanks and artillery. 

  In 1995 the UN voted to make Srebrenica a ‘safe haven’.  Two years later,  over 8,000 civilians, including children, were massacred there as Dutch UN soldiers, commanded by the craven Colonel Thomas Karremans,  looked on.  During that day, the colonel was filmed raising a glass with General Ratko Mladic, shaking his hand and smiling.  He was promoted to full colonel shortly after his return to the Netherlands.  Conflict Bosnia link.  So the people of the Ivory Coast - you're insane if you even think of the UN as being of any benefit whatsoever.
  And as for a response to Belarus selling attack helicopters to repressive regimes... quietly quietly treads the media... - Editor: Where's Belarus?   News Editor:  Dunno. Somewhere in Russia I think.  Why?  - Because Cheryl Cole has brought out a new range of perfume and I need a front page lead. - So stick with what the people are comfortable with; after all it's a better selling environment for our advertisers. - What is? - All these safe, comfortable stories about celebrities, chief.  Keeps the thick bastards complacement.  Fixed to their seats all night staring at the idiot's lantern.  It worked for Piers; got him right to the top in the entertainment industry. - I'm not in entertainment.  I'm in the news business.  - Yeah, right boss!  Anyway, on with the briefing... A football star has had sex, Simon Cowell was seen shopping, a model has made a pop record and a factory has closed down up north, costing 5,000 jobs. - Why are you telling me about some factory?  Link