Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Countdown to Meltdown

Our kids future - if those bastards hold sway
The Countdown begins.  Saturday March 26 - the most important fight in our lives. 
   People living outside London be aware - because of the huge numbers expected to be there protesting against our government of community resource cutting-millionairres, travel may be a problem when you hit the coach hubs.  Google TFL and learn about Oyster Cards - they are credit-card-sized blue cards which you swipe as you enter and exit tube stations and buses.  A 20 quid top-up should easily get you through the day and the day after.  The card costs itself a fiver; they can be bought at stations and at newsagent shops; anywhere the blue sticker/poster is displayed.  If you are arrested say 'No Comment' - the police will only use what they need from your interview to help their case - anything more than No Comment is a case for the prosecution.  Welcome to London, have an exciting time, enjoy yourselves - and don't be shepherded and by the TUC and preached to by those lying, cheating, grasping 'Labour' bastards on the stage at Hyde Park.  The suits are currently hitting the most vulnerable the hardest in their council cuts, so as to show up the Millionaire's Party... neither are worth a wank.  It's coming up to party time.  Let's go for it.  We are everywhere...

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