Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Evening Standard letter

Looks like I'm going to get a letter into the Evening Standard in response to the violence at Trafalgar Square...
'My congratulations to Sam Leith on his article 'Anarchist' isn't a synonym for 'thug' or 'vandal' [link.]
  I was in the kettle on Trafalgar Square on Saturday night, and spent some time quieting down hot-headed Black Block kids, tearful students and even over-aggressive riot police.  I served 14 years in the infantry (Reserves) including Bosnia, and made the rank of full corporal, infantry section commander.  I now work as a bricklayer, having lectured in the subject, and I'm happy to call myself an anarchist.  Anarchists include amongst their number some great radical thinkers, including academics Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn as well as economists, writers and poets.  None of whom have thrown a brick in their lives, I believe.
  Now, as for the (former) thugs and vandals of the Bullingdon Club... well, they're running the country.  Allegedly.
Neil Jackson,
Meltdown 2017

The Evening Standard letter's editor response -
'Neil thank you very much for this, keen to use, but would you also consider
explaining a key point Sam raises which is why anarchists are taking a
prominent part in protests against the shrinking of the state?'Josh Neicho
Evening Standard Letters'

  Update - Conclusion - the letter got in, edited.

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