Monday, 7 March 2011

'Labour' berate ConDems handling of Libya

BBC News - Link.  'Labour' accuse ConDem ministers of serial bungling.  I'm struggling to get my head round this; so now it's time for Analogy Corner...
  One of the prefects in the school yard (Brit Gov) was happy that the naughty boys (Arab despots) were walking about with catapults (arms).  He even sold them some.  Later, the prefect was stripped of his position for letting Billy Bunter in the Tuck Shop fill his tummy with all the treats and goodies (bankers fiasco).

Royal Anglians training for the Middle East
 When a naughty boy used a catapult to hurt fellow schoolkids, the sacked prefect waved an admonishing finger at his replacement.  Following me so far?  I for one am completely lost - to listen to these international arms-dealers tut-tutting because a small SF operation screws up...?  The reason Ghadaffi wasn't toppled like the other crooks down there is because 'Labour' sold him excellent weaponry.  Which could now be used against our service personnel.  Thanks 'Labour'... Yet again; you're the last crowd of idiots who should be allowed to express an opinion.  If one British-made bullet harms one member of our Forces - arrests should be made of those back this end who allowed it to happen.  I think the rebel Libyans have got a case against us as well.  How dare we sell arms to despots?!!  What the hell did our forbears fight WW2 for, if not for freedom from oppression?   Do us all a favour, 'Labour' - climb back into your box, strike up a meeting about inclusion, equity and diversity or some other load of nannying drivvel... and leave the rest of us to get on with sorting out the absolute mess you left our nation in.
Dear Chief Secretary, I'm afraid there is no money. Kind regards - and good luck! Liam' [A note left by Liam Byrne: 'Labour's' former Chief Secretary to the Treasury to his successor after the election.]
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