Sunday, 6 March 2011

Miliband link to Ghadafi

From BBC News - 'Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband has said it is "horrific" that a London School of Economics lecture in his father's name was delivered by Saif Gaddafi.' link
  The evil despot's son Saif gave the Ralph Miliband memorial lecture in May 2010. A week is a long time in politics - evidently a year is incomparably more so, and three decades stretches back into the Miocene. 
Pig Pen Number One
  The facts remain from the eighties; they haven't changed despite the wishes of our opportunistic leaders.  WPC Fletcher and the Lockerbie victims are still dead, killed by Ghadaffi's regime.  
    When Miliband was Foreign Secretary for three years... those facts remained.
 In reaction to the row over convicted bomber Megrahi's release, he said that British interests 'would be damaged, perhaps badly, if Megrahi were to die in a Scottish prison rather than Libya'.  - Commons statement, October 2009.  Backflipping madly, so-called Labour's one-time leadership candidate now has the audacity to complain about Saif's speech from the opposition back-benches.  But it was his mob busily signing away the arms deals which are now coming to fruition in the shape of bodies piling up in Libya.  If anyone should be complaining - it's the Libyan people, railing against New 'Labour' bastards like policy unit chief Miliband and the laughably titled Middle East peace envoy Blair.  Policy unit boss?  Get a working class job for a few years before preaching to me about hard work and socialism, - you represent the Labour Party.  You've never once lifted a shovel you glib pencil-neck.  How the hell did the working class of Britain allow these policy bosses, lawyers and sodding sales reps to run their party?
  LSE director Sir Howard Davies resigned over the shameful links. 
  Can we expect the same from any of the champagne Socialists?
  And those British interests that could have been so badly damaged?
  Mr Churchill, a telegram from the chemical works on Iona for you sir.  It reads, 'Our company representative in Berlin has been told that the Nazis are considering halting the purchase of our poison gas, instead opting for their own product, a compound called Zyklon B.  If you continue with your aggressive and interfering stance regarding European politics, British business interests in the region will be irreversibly harmed. Regards, A. Grasper, Soul-less Chemical Corporation.'

  And as for Blair - who used his last foreign trip as PM to sign a confidential deal with  Gaddafi to train Libyan special forces and supply him with Nato secrets - I've heard nothing from him.  He's the Middle East peace envoy and he's gone to ground.  So, as a taxpayer - CAN I HAVE MY FUCKING MONEY BACK FROM THE FRAUDSTER, PLEASE?  If a bricky talked a great wall then didn't show up to build your garden wall... he wouldn't get paid.  So why are these bastards swimming in money and producing nothing?

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