Sunday, 27 March 2011

Miliband speaks to the sheep

'Labour' leader Ed Miliband addressed an estimated 250,000 anti-cuts protestors at Hyde Park yesterday, BBC link. 
  With breath-taking aplomb, the champagne socialist said, 'The Tories said I should not come and speak today. But I am proud to stand with you. There is an alternative.'
  We have seen that alternative.  It is a world where 'Labour' Town Hall chiefs earn more than the Prime Minister, where bankers ravage the economy at will, and where morons such as George Bush say jump, to which 'Labour' responds with - 'How many body bags should we take, boss?'  - a 'Labour' that has never laboured - never held a shovel, built a wall, or slid on body armour.  In short, aside from mental workouts in the policy comittee, never grafted.
  So, a quick summary for radicals.  UK Uncut took over Fortnum and Mason.  Black Block kicked off around Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square.  Meltdown erected a marquee on Hyde Park to act as a hub and lessons have been learned.  It's hotting up.

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