Wednesday, 2 March 2011

News From The Farm

Camden council had one of their revolting little CCTV cars park before a Diversion sign... and then promptly hammered all the motorists who responded correctly to the sign - Evening Standard link.  Now this disgusting little trick has come to light, and they have to hand cash back to motorists who were issued fixed penalty tickets.  Which made me think... all those scams these councils pull.  Things like being back late to the car by two minutes on an empty street (thus stopping no-one else from parking) and getting hammered by the (otherwise unemployable) traffic warden... bin fines and the like...
  Lots of money.  Then there's council bosses on over 200 Grand a year.  See how it kinda fits, like a jigsaw?  We even vote them in.  Maybe because they send us their in-house free 'newspapers'.  Which we pay for.  Read one sometime.  They sugar-coat all the bullshit these clowns do.  You pay for a news photographer and a hack to follow these overpaid graspers around as they plant trees, cut ribbons and grin inanely as they shake hands and present cheques to charities.  What you won't see in this PR tripe is the other side of their murkey business.  Voting their own pay rises, winter 'fact-finding' missions to the sun, brown envelopes and sleeze.

Forget wars, price rises and unemployment -
we can all talk about a celebrity
  But not to worry - we've the national press to keep us informed where the local rags are squeezed out or just too frightened of losing ad revenue to rock any boats.  Here's the editor of a national tabloid, forging ahead in his new career... producing slop.  With people like Piers Morgan running national dailys... do you ever wonder why we seem - kinda, you know, thicker nowadays, innit?
  'A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself - Arthur Miller'
  'A British tabloid is a team of idiots talking shit' - Neil Jackson
  So why the title, News From The Farm?  Because we're all being milked by the scum in charge.  And Camden's CCTV car shows how batant they are about it, how thin the veneer is that they're in the job because of altruism, of wanting to help their fellow citizens.
    Read Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and you'll get a better understanding of what they're like; they were at it 100 years ago just as sharply and, no doubt, right back to the beginning of awareness... the parasite class.  Think about it when you get your gas bill.  And then remember all those revolting Russian oligarchs lazing on their super-yachts in the sun with their trophy wives.  You know, the gangsters who sell Britain it's gas.  British Gas - the 'doing the right thing' people.
  What a bunch of mugs we are - about 20,000 elderly British people die in winter every year because of cold.  And we get all contented from the nice blue-glowy adverts, and smile admiringly as Abramovich buys a new fleet of jets.  Turn off that television set and get involved.  Link

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