Saturday, 12 March 2011

Nick Clegg on protests

Lib Dem party leader Mr Clegg urged Lib Dem members to "hold your nerve", saying "with power comes protest".
  In a speech to the party's Spring Conference in Sheffield, the former public schoolboy told his sheeple 'We've put down our placards and taken up the reins of power. It's a big change but it's worth it... You can't do everything when you are in power, but you can't do anything when you are not. With power comes protest. We need to get used to it.'  BBC News - link .
  Two things on that score, Nick.  Point One: You're not in power - Cameron is, you doormat.
  And Two: By siding with the Tories as they demolish what the forebears of working class people fought for in the Twentieth Century, you'll be out on your arse, discredited, as soon as the system allows it.   (Nick Clegg is the Great-Grandson of an Imperial Russian Baron, father Nicholas is Chairman of the United Trusts Bank).
  That's if the system doesn't come crashing down as the New Feudalists attempt to erode anything that helps the poor and vulnerable.  Confidence in MPs and council chiefs has evaporated, we work longer yet slide into the red, the price of basic foodstuffs spins upwards at the till like some South American peso economy of the Eighties, and then we watch bankers gorging themselves.  So you see, Nick... the Last Days of Rome may finally be here.  A greedy yet weak and divided elite faced with a simmering mass.
  Today's Vandals, Huns and Goths are waiting and watching.
  See you at the barricades, Nick.  I'll be on the other side.  Best Regards, former infantry corporal Neil Jackson.

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