Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Police swoop on 'vandals' aged four and six

Heavy-handed Dorset police have swooped on two little girls picking flowers in a public park - link.  The pair, Olivia and Marengo, picked daffodils on a Sunday outing at Whitecliff Park in Poole.
  Officers observed the family for 20 minutes before approaching the parents, leaving the girls in tears.
  From The Guardian story - A relative of Poole Conservative councillor Peter Adams called the police. Adams said: "The children weren't just taking one or two daffodils, it was big clumps of them.
  And on that note it all falls into place.  Some acidic church-going scum-fuck watched the kids and instead of alerting the parents, decided to phone the police.   And rather than  cautioned for wasting police time, the poisonous bastard waves the 'my relative is on the council' card, and lo - the oceans part before them.  You try it - you'll be getting a bollocking.  Vile local politicians aside, let's examine the plod in Sleepytown, Dorset.
  We live in a country where teen gangs roam the streets unchecked, where status dog-owning scum strut about, where drug-pushers, paedophiles, muggers, rapists  and murderers roam.  
  But there's little to be had from the pockets of the jobless scum on the council estates.  So let's just leave them to it.  Sure there will be the occasional tradgedy, but at the end of the day we have to justify our budget.  And if that means harvesting ordinary taxpayers, so be it.
  If this is all the police can come up with then in my eyes they are diminished.  They are also diminished every time I see a car pulled over.  A car... ie a mobile ATM.  They waste our resources - because we taxpayers pay for it all - on harvesting the cash-crop of motorists instead of hitting the scum.   
  If that's all the cops of Dorset can come up with... then there's too many cops in Dorset.

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