Tuesday, 1 March 2011

UN Investigators attacked - and resort straight to form

From the BBC: Ivory Coast: UN experts attacked in Yamoussoukro...
  'The UN Sanctions Committee on Ivory Coast says it has not been able to positively confirm the shipment [of attack helicopters from Belarus], though it said UN personnel should continue monitoring the situation.
  A planned meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the reports has been cancelled.'
  BBC report ends.
  '...has been cancelled.'  A leopard never changes it's spots; read that again in child-format.  Teachers who were about to have a discussion about a school bully scrapped the meeting because the bully had bought a big baseball bat.  Huh?  Is that why these pathetic grey suits are creaming in over 100 K a year... to ignore human rights abuses?
.  Which reminds me of a similar UN reaction some years back. 
‘Let us do nothing - AT ONCE!’
Mathew Gordon, former United Nations chief press officer, on a previous conflict.
  He was translating a representative’s speech for the English-speaking press corps.  As the Arab world is thrown into chaos and protestors gunned down, observe the inaction of the UN as the situation unravels.  I guarantee you - the over-paid bureaucrats of the UN will either do absolutley nothing (aside from creating hot air) or will have a negative impact (as they did in Bosnia, where their involvement can be summed up as feeding those about to be slaughtered.  Even the proximity of the blue helmets on the ground hindered NATO attacks on Serb tanks and artillery. 

  In 1995 the UN voted to make Srebrenica a ‘safe haven’.  Two years later,  over 8,000 civilians, including children, were massacred there as Dutch UN soldiers, commanded by the craven Colonel Thomas Karremans,  looked on.  During that day, the colonel was filmed raising a glass with General Ratko Mladic, shaking his hand and smiling.  He was promoted to full colonel shortly after his return to the Netherlands.  Conflict Bosnia link.  So the people of the Ivory Coast - you're insane if you even think of the UN as being of any benefit whatsoever.
  And as for a response to Belarus selling attack helicopters to repressive regimes... quietly quietly treads the media... - Editor: Where's Belarus?   News Editor:  Dunno. Somewhere in Russia I think.  Why?  - Because Cheryl Cole has brought out a new range of perfume and I need a front page lead. - So stick with what the people are comfortable with; after all it's a better selling environment for our advertisers. - What is? - All these safe, comfortable stories about celebrities, chief.  Keeps the thick bastards complacement.  Fixed to their seats all night staring at the idiot's lantern.  It worked for Piers; got him right to the top in the entertainment industry. - I'm not in entertainment.  I'm in the news business.  - Yeah, right boss!  Anyway, on with the briefing... A football star has had sex, Simon Cowell was seen shopping, a model has made a pop record and a factory has closed down up north, costing 5,000 jobs. - Why are you telling me about some factory?  Link

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