Wednesday, 9 March 2011

World cannot stand aside from Libya, says Cameron

UN bureaucrats meeting a Western taxpayer
From BBC - link - 'We have got to prepare for what we might have to do if he [Gaddafi] goes on brutalising his own people.  I had a phone call with President Obama this afternoon to talk about the planning we have to do in case this continues and in case he [Gaddafi] does terrible things to his own people. I don't think we can stand aside and let that happen.'
  If international governments need to be drafted in to halt the thug Gadaffi - then why are we paying for the ineffective organisation laughably called the United Nations?  Who's role seems to me, primarily, to feed those about to be slaughtered by evil thugs?  Or is the UN all a big talking shop, another gravy train for well-salaried bureaucrats to trough out in?  I'm sure we'll see them fail yet again in the Middle East. Bosnia blog - link - where they moved heaven and earth to get food through.  To those about to be slaughtered.  Dumb, useless UN bastards.  Forget them. 

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