Friday, 29 April 2011

Meltdown Arrests Made - Tuesday update - all now out. And Mike's earnt his spurs.

Key Meltdown-2017 figures have been arrested as they arrempted to head into Westminster to organise an anti-monarchy protest - Guardian link.  Veteran activists Professor Chris Knight and his partner Camilla Power, both anthropologists, were scooped together with their theatrical public 'executioner' Patrick Macroidan.  The group use street theatre to highlight Meltdown-2017 issues; a combinaion of anarchist and radical views.
  Meltdown spokesman Mike Raddie was on the scene.
  'Chris was arrested first. He lay down on the pavement opposite his house to make the arrest difficult.  He was pulled up by four police officers and two bundled him into the back of a van.  Camilla was put in the back of one of the police cars. Patrick was dressed up as an executioner when he was arrested.'
  Also with the protesters at the time of their arrest was a Channel 4 film crew, filming for the Unofficial Royal Wedding, due to air at 7.10pm on Monday. Some of their equipment, which was in the activists' van, was also confiscated. 
  Admittedly, there has been a small amount of tension within Meltdown regarding then Royal Wedding.  As some make a stand against ruthless warmongers such as Prince Andrew, who's role as trade envoy connects arms with despots (with tragic consequences as we are seeing in the Middle East) others take the view that the Royals and what they represent are a distracting irrelevence.  But that's democracy, and that's why out fore-fathers died fighting tyranny.  That's our history - working people fighting oppresive regimes, be it Nazis or mill owners.  That's why we have the right to protest - because Joe and Joanne Bloggs fought for that right.  And now Chris, Cam and Patrick have been lifted before their protest.
  In the near future I shall be writing on police co-operation with oppresive regimes.  In World War 2, the military of the Norwegians, French and Poles escaped to Britain to continue the fight.  The police forces of those countries, en-masse I believe, colluded with the German occupiers.  During the miners strike of the Eighties the police again were blatantly political.  That to me says something about the mind-set of the police.
  They serve power, as opposed to an ideal.  That's where all the rest of the military, emergency services, doctors etc diverge from the police.   When the Free French were training for the Normandy Landings, the Vichy Police were rounding up Jews and collaborating with the Nazis.  When the Royalist Norwegians were blowing up railway lines, the Quisling police were sending innocent Norwegians to concentration camps.
  The list is long and easily researched.  Feel free - link

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Bristol Film Banned by Police

Police have banned screening of a film of the recent Bristol riots - BBC link.  Meanwhile, reams of sycophantic drivel on the Royal Wedding gets shoveled into our troughs. Keep Calm and Carry On.  Then get back to your fucking factories.  A s simpler explanation of the sheeple/powerful relationship - link.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sheeple Indoctrination From Early Childhood

Talking to my five-year-old daughter, I found that she is 'looking forward to the royal wedding'.  Adult language indeed.  It transpired that her school were busy preparing for the big day.  Coupled with wall-to-wall media coverage of the marriage on Friday, how could any child fail to be swayed by the mood of the moment?
  Sour grapes?
  Think of this.  If radicals or anarchists have a big day - May Day for example, or March 26 - do you think kids up and down the country would be making little black banners and being taught about the history of the class struggle?
  I want my children to be educated so that: in history - they learn about the lives of their ancestors, not the ruling elite.  Maybe a smattering of the abuses that the British Empire allowed, such as the destruction of the Tasman Islanders, or the invention of  concentration camps (we invented the concept) might help them understand what the British Empire is all about.  Geography - I want them to be able to navigate a vehicle route and use map and compass off road, not learn about the problems of Welsh hill farmers, as I was taught.  Maybe Peak Oil could be mentioned in a geology lesson.  Mathematics - handling money.  Religious Education - morality.  Perhaps atheism deserves a mention, seeing as the churches are empty.  Music - at least mention the punk revolution and modern music.  Citizenship - what the hell is that?  I want my little ones to leave school with the capacity to think critically, and not to be indoctrinated the way the elite would wish - it's us that pay for these indoctrination centres schools in the first place, not the tax-avoiding billionaires who gain a population willing to slave away in their factories, to wave little flags as they saunter by in gilded carriages. 
  Conflict - Education
  A wider question then looms.  Why are the Christian religious allowed a day of television programmming on a Sunday?  Why are celebrities allowed onto the (non-advertising) BBC to plug their crap; Jordan's latest book, Cheryl's latest 'record'?  Why is Breakfast, the BBC's early morning news bulletin, a vehicle for people plugging their books?  (Alastair Campbell was allowed on to promote non-political thriller All In The Mind, as was Paul McKenna to promote I Can Make You Sleep
  Paul - there's no point; most of them are asleep.  Because they have crap drilled into them from an early age.  Which is why you are allowed onto what purports to be a news programme.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bahrain's Disgusting Violence Bars the Despots From Royal Wedding

Crown Prince of Bahrain is not attending the Royal Wedding - BBC link.  Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa cited ongoing unrest in the Gulf Kingdom for his non-attendance at the ceremony.
  Dictatorial repressive murderous action wasn't mentioned in the Mainstream Media (MSM).  But I'll mention it here.  Dictator.  Murderer.  War criminal.  Financial terrorist.  Invited to the Royal Wedding.  Any questions?

The Emperor's Clothes Fit Just Nicely, said the Joker to the King

Violent dictators will be rubbing shoulders with the great and the good at Friday's royal wedding as Regal Realpolitik casts a bloody shadow over the fairytale celebration.
  Among the thugs our taxpayer's cash will be accomodating, feeding and watering are:
Gabriel Machinga, Zimbabwean Ambassador to Britain - link
Dictator King Abdullah of Jordan (where the four kings have changed almost 70 Prime Ministers since the country's formation in 1921 - link)
Dictator's son Prince Mohamed Bin Nawaf of Saudi Arabia of Saudi Arabia, who's autocratic regime (which hosted, among other fleeing thugs, Idi Amin until that maniac's death in 2003) sent troops into Bahrain to quell the pro-democracy uprising.  Hospital staff there have dissapeared after disobeying orders not to treat wounded protestors. link   BBC link.  Information Clearing House - link. Reuters - link.

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, where south east Asian labourers live in near-slavery - Human Rights Watch link - as they build dream palaces.  Troops from Abu Dhabi were sent in to Bahrain to quell the pro-democracy uprising...

The King of Bahrain - recently criticised by Foreign Secretary William Hague for violently crushing the pro-democracy movement in his country - link - declined his invitation, as did his son.
  'There is probably a sense that the ruling family in Bahrain is feeling threatened and I think the Gulf Co-operation Council's unspoken rule is: We are here to protect each other, not just as countries but as ruling families,' said Abdulkhaleq Abdullah, a professor of politics at the United Arab Emirates University in Abu Dhabi.
Imagine if, in 1946, some South American leader was to have welcomed with open arms the fleeing Nazi regime, only to be invited to the Queen's Succession to the Throne?  There would have been outrage.  Of course, arms, trade and oil smooth the way. 
  Ever heard the story of the Emperor's Clothes, where a little boy points out the glaring truth; that it's all a sham?  Then the people all fell about laughing as they realised that, after all the hype and gossip... what had been believed throughout their lives and the lives of their forbears before them was all built on a fanciful illusion.
  In the years to come, as Generals, visiting heads of state and other members of the elite bow and scrape to Queen Katherine... just remember: she was just a girl who happened to go to Uni in St Andrews in the right year.  All that servility, all that pathetic prostration to an idea any child could see through as a sham if it weren't for the Mainstream Media's lucrative 'Royal' industry... it's all drilled into the sheeple from an early age.  Respect authority.  Be obedient.  There's a pecking order and you're way, way down the line, pal.  Now fall into step, collect your little red, white and blue flag, and put a smile on your face.  Then when it's all over I want you straight back to work; someone has to pay for all this jingoistic shit. 
    There's another story about a little boy, this one Dutch.  He notices a hole in the dam and sticks his finger in and spends the night there.  Because if he didn't, the escaping water would make the hole bigger and bigger, until eventually the dam wall would be overwhelmed, and with it all the low-lying countryside beyond.  It's time to help our fellow people break on through, to see beyond the wall the powerful have built in front of us.
  Conflict - Education

Saturday, 23 April 2011

It's a Different View From The Top... Students and Cleaners Kicked in the Teeth as UCL boss Rakes it in

  In 2008-9 University College London boss Professor Malcolm Grant CBE took home more than double the salary of the British Prime Minister.
University Vice Chancellors discuss salary proposals
  In September 2010 he was in bullish mood when dealing with contract cleaners -  
 'The provost, whose remuneration of £404,000 last year was the second highest of university heads in the country, has told the Standard that paying contract cleaners a living wage “would cost £500,000” and was “a luxury” UCL “could not afford”.
London Evening Standard.
The big chiefs salary of £376,190 was affordable, of course, as is the massive strata of management.  A few days later after mounting protests and sharply written letters from members of staff, he caved in.  Management had been turning a blind eye to grasping sub-contractors paying cleaning staff the minimum wage  (£5.80 an hour) - other London universities pay the London living wage (£7.85 an hour).  The Evening Standard - normally a purveyor of drivel but for once doing its job and informing the public - claimed the victory as its own.  Nothing to do with student protests and angry academics, of course.  Instead a rag that peddles Press Association tat won the day.  Of course, dear.  Well done.  Now go out and play.  Supper's in an hour.
  Back to Grant.  Studying his Wikipedia entry - link - one sees in the very first paragraph that he has 'he has tackled critical issues, such as pay reform'. 
'Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.'
George Orwell 

  UCL will be charging students the full £9,000.  And one last thought... if they'd have been allowed to charge £12,000 instead: would they have done so?  With people like Professor Grant at the helm, dredging his way through cleaners pay-packets and students fees as he enriches himself... what do you think?  The problem with the cleaners was sorted because people protested.  I predict a long, hot summer.
Conflict - Media.  Conflict - Education.  

Nepotist David Cameron Defends Well-heeled Interns

Prime MInister David Cameron defended interns yesterday, in so doing stabbing fellow banker's son Nick Clegg in the back.  Unelected Deputy Prime Minister Mr Clegg has made a platform for himself stating that there should be a level playing field in order to help social mobility for those who merit it - as opposed to Mr Cameron's Jobs For the Boys vision of the world.
  Mr Clegg, a former member of Cambridge University Conservative Association, (link) used his own father, bank chief Nicholas Clegg CBE, to get him a job at a Finnish bank, so the spat should be an interesting one to watch... two nepotists battling over the morals of internships for the well-connected.
  Mr Cameron's wife's mother's, Lady Annabel Astor, had personal friend Michael Green employ Mr Cameron as head of corporate communications (despite having no experience in the role) at mainstream media company Carlton, producers of drivel for ITV (Dale's Supermarket Sweep, Police, Camera, Action!, and Catchphrase are all part of their sheeple-fodder portfolio.)
  Mr Cameron chortled: 'I've got my neighbour coming in for an internship," he said.
'In the modern world, of course you're always going to have internships and interns - people who come and help in your office who come through all sorts of contacts, friendly, political, whatever.
  'I do that and I'll go on doing that. I feel very relaxed about it.'
  Understandable... he's a Tory.  It's in the name; conserve.  Keep all the best jobs for the elite clique.  After all - the titled are entitled, aren't they?  Aren't the words almost synonymous?  When folk wake up the fact that we're not all middle class despite the glossy magazines and huge mortgages, that the standard of living is spiralling, and that it's 99% against the one per cent... then it'll all fall into place.  But in the meantime, there's reams of Jordan and Cheryl, Colleen and Jeremy Kyle, and fairytale Royal Romances and all the other utterly boring crap to wade through. 
  To his credit, Mr Clegg, a former pupil of top public school Westminster, responded by saying that plum internships should not go to people 'because of who they know, rather than what they know... I'm not relaxed about this at all.  I think it's very important to give people a fair chance of getting ahead.'
  Hmmm.  There's a few hundred thousand students who might have something to say on what Nick Clegg thinks about fairness.
The Trough. Media.

Bristol Riot - Odd Timing? - Or Cynical Ploy?

The policing operation in Stokes Croft, where anti-Tesco protestors battled with police on Thursday night leaving eight officers and a number of protestors injured, could not have been timed more idiotically... if you didn't want to spark a riot.  Hot weather, simmering anti-cuts anger, the start of a Bank Holiday weekend... all you've got to add to that mix (in an area full of bars) is to... err, start the operation at 9PM - by which time drinkers had built up a head of steam.  Twenty arrests were made at the scene of the newly opened Tescos; making it the 31st in the Bristol area.  Bitterley opposed by residents and activists alike for over two years, the store will now be competing with local shops.
Here's One I Made Earlier - a riot in 2001
  Indymedia link
 Stokes Croft is less than a kilometre from St Pauls, scene of the 1980 riots.  So perhaps it was all about laying the mainstream media groundwork for hits on squats, activists, radicals and anarchists in the lead-up to the Royal Wedding?  If I was a potential target, I'd be off to a safe house by mid-week at the latest.  Unless, of course, I was after a slice of the wrongful arrest payout.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Whitechapel Anarchist Group to Close... what's next?

Whitechapel Anarchist Group (WAG), based in London's East End, is set to close - link.  Founded in October 2008, WAG have had some great successes, including a high profile involvement in the G20 protests, mass squatting actions, demos, community project help and the like.
  In an official statement looking to refresh WAG's agenda in these times of great change and a radicalisation of the workers, they said, 'We want this [All London Anarchist Resistence Movement, ALARM] to be a London wide class struggle anarchist group with the spirit of WAG that works across the whole capital and has strongholds in borough groups.  We want you to be a part of this…

We want to topple this government.  We want to bring the revolution home. 
  Sound the ALARM!'
  We at Meltdown 2017 wish them every success.

Katie Price Hits Town in a Furry Pink Coat as World Bank President Predicts Global Meltdown

Sunday 17 April 2011.  The president of the World Bank has warned that the world is 'one shock away from a full-blown crisis'.
  Robert Zoellick cited rising food prices as the main threat to poor nations who risk 'losing a generation'. - BBC link.  Unemployment, Middle East turmoil and rocketing oil prices are all contributing factors to instability, financial chiefs were told. 
  The Sheeple, however, will be informed only what they need to be told.  The mainstream media will give this important story all the attention they usually do - by burying it under the sea of drivel that constitutes 'news' in the mainstream media - the dull activities of celebs, football 'heroes' and Katie Price.  (Katie Price has her own sub-folder on The Mirror's website - link.  One totally pointless story - link - is breathlessly titled 'Katie Goes to Nobu Wearing a Fluffy Pink Coat'.)
  If you can bare to tear yourself away from the Jordan News Channels, here is reality... food prices - BBC link, oil depletion - link,  a bastardised media - link, and a school system designed to provide obedient robots - link.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Paedo Bishop - Vatican resorts to normal

A former Belgian Bishop in the Catholic Church has gone live on TV to talk about how he sexually abused two boys but does not see himself as a paedophile - BBC link.
  Former bishop of Bruges Roger Vangheluwe revealed he had molested two of his nephews, and not one, as he confessed last year before resigning.  But that's not a problem for this God-botherer because he does not face prosecution.  Reason?  The abuse occurred decades ago.
    Speaking in Vatican City, Fr Lombardi said Roger Vangheluwe had been ordered to leave Belgium and undergo spiritual and psychological treatment.
The disgraced cleric has not been defrocked but the Vatican spokesman added that it was "obvious" he would not be allowed to practise as a priest while he was undergoing treatment.
  What a disgusting religion; rotten and corrupt to it's very core.  In any sane society - such as one where work, procreation, friendship and happiness are emphasised -  Vangheluwe would be jailed for the harm he has inflicted.  But in the fruit-loop world of the Vatican and it's domain of paedophile priests, he's 'given a little treatment'.  Ie - it gets brushed under the carpet.  No doubt because those at the top have all done their share of child rape.  Can anyone think of a good use for all the Catholic churches?  Homeless shelters, maybe?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Right to Protest.

What They Say and What Actually Happens.
  Commenting on Democracy Village, the 2010 take-over of Parliament Square by radicals,
British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would 'always defend the right to protest and the right to protest peacefully and it seems to me entirely fair that people should protest.'
  Lofty words.  Now here's footage of young people who, on the TUC's March 26 rally, were told there was an after-march party at Trafalgar Square.  Yes there's graffiti and anger.  But hopefully this footage will explain why...Link.  Imagine these being your kids, nieces, nephews, colleagues, students. It ain't hard... because they are.  Good kids, out to have their voices heard, out to let off a bit of steam after being ripped off by the Lib Dems.

Smoke, Flak and Mirrors

Remember the UN weapons inspector, Scott Ritter?  Well, it looks like they've got to him - charges of sex with a minor.  BBC -  link.  This after Julian Assange was whacked with sex charges. 
  Does this reveal the tactics of the opposition?  Imagine, you're an outspoken commentator, or a respected scientist revealing unpalatable truths.  You're off walking in the woods.  Someone enters your house and opens your computer.  And downloads child porn.  And then, very quietly, slips away...
  Flak - definition - Wiki link.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cameron Dismisses Jobs-Worths Regarding Royal Street Parties

BBC link.  Thanks, Dave.  Official red tape was the one barrier stopping me bursting into adulation for the priveledged, slightly dim super-rich and the ridiculous, out-dated feudal system they head.  So why not axe that crap every day, and not just this week?  Or is it just a matey ploy?
  Most of that legislation is aimed at bolstering Town Hall treasure chests, ensuring their bosses get huge salaries.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

Town hall chiefs in England are to be stopped from charging residents for waste colllection infringements, the BBC reports - link.
   Bin-police have, in the past, hammered council-tax payers for offenses such as putting rubbish out on the wrong day, recycling incorrectly, and leaving the bins in the wrong place. 
  Councils will no longer be able to impose fines for failing to close bin lids; leaving bin bags next to a bin; putting out a bin on the wrong day; failing to move it back inside the property's boundary; or making minor mistakes with recycling.
  In one instance, a bin with a murder victim inside was left for days because it was deemed either too heavy, or left in the wrong place; an infringement of jobsworth rules (The Sun - link.)
  So what happened to all that cash sucked out of the residents?  Was it put back into the system, providing services for the elderly and vulnerable?  Maybe we could ask the Town Hall chiefs, 220 of whom earn more than the Prime Minister's £142,500 salary.  
  Twelve-year-old Anna Fountain was fined £50 for improperly recycling a cardboard box in Tunbridge Wells in Kent...   where coincidentally Kent county council boss Peter Kilroy 'earns' a cool £250,000 a year.  Over in Essex, mum and nurse Sally Singh, 34, was hit with a £50 bill and a 'gestapo'-style interrogation... because foxes had been at her rubbish.  Essex council chief Joanna Killian  'earns' £247,000 a year.  And in Swansea, a 95-year-old grandmother was put through the grinder for placing a buttertub in the wrong box.  Swansea Chief Executive Paul Smith 'earned' £155,901 in 2009.
  Ever got the feeling you're being cheated

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ripples in the Pigsty; Updates from the 'Labour' Wing of the Pig Party

'The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which...'
George Orwell, Animal Farm
As so-called 'Labour' MP Jim Divine is carted off to prison for stealing from us even as the expenses furore was at it's height - the thick, porcine fool (BBC link), it is revealed that another so-called 'Labour' grasping pig has made a young family homeless... because she liked the look of their home - Evening Standard link.
  The young family were evicted to make way for a local grasper [that should read 'councillor - Ed] who sits on the Covent Garden property's management board.  Paul Harris, his sister Diane and her 10-month-old son Tommy were kicked out after their father died and the managers invoked "appalling" succession rules.  Sue Vincent is from the Labour Wing of the Property Party '.  The Property Party was formed when it was revealed that all politicans have more in common with one another than with working people.  That's why, when Presidents and Prime Ministers do handshakes at photo-calls, they all look like they've stepped off the same Danepak production line.   Tories or Labour, local councillors or Cabinet Ministers - all rotten, grasping pigs. 
    Councillor Vincent, a director of Seven Dials housing association, squealed with delight as she moved into the three-storey home, snout twitching for tasty morsels left in the kitchen cupboards. She is also a so-called 'Labour' member on Camden council. Mr Harris, 28, said the decision had devastated the family.
  "We were very hurt. I can't put it into words. When I found out Sue Vincent had moved in there I couldn't quite believe it. It was an incredibly difficult time for us and we thought she was very insensitive."
  The family have 100 years of links to the area and had lived in the house in Endell Street, in the heart of theatreland, since 1986.
  Locals were astonished when the new tenant was revealed to be Ms Vincent, who sends her daughter to £14,000-a-year City of London School for Girls.  Her ex-husband Paul Abraham also lives in a Seven Dials property, nearby.
   She squealed happily as she chewed on scraps of left-over food, crumbs cascading down her snout:  'I can understand people might look at this and think, 'Woah,' but the reality isn't anything like that. The allocation of the house was done in an appropriate way.  It was very unfortunate what happened to the Harris children but the rules are the rules and we had to abide by them, even if we don't like them." She said she would look into the situation concerning Seven Dials's accounts.
  And I'm sure she'll give her own shitty performance a big thumbs up.   
  Well, my little piggy friend - your management-speak doesn't wash with Meltdown 2017.    You are a disgrace, and an example of why politics and politicians aren't worth bothering.  All that political rhetoric boils down to just one thing; vote for the Me Party.
 I develop this reasoning more fully in The Trough (link)