Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

Town hall chiefs in England are to be stopped from charging residents for waste colllection infringements, the BBC reports - link.
   Bin-police have, in the past, hammered council-tax payers for offenses such as putting rubbish out on the wrong day, recycling incorrectly, and leaving the bins in the wrong place. 
  Councils will no longer be able to impose fines for failing to close bin lids; leaving bin bags next to a bin; putting out a bin on the wrong day; failing to move it back inside the property's boundary; or making minor mistakes with recycling.
  In one instance, a bin with a murder victim inside was left for days because it was deemed either too heavy, or left in the wrong place; an infringement of jobsworth rules (The Sun - link.)
  So what happened to all that cash sucked out of the residents?  Was it put back into the system, providing services for the elderly and vulnerable?  Maybe we could ask the Town Hall chiefs, 220 of whom earn more than the Prime Minister's £142,500 salary.  
  Twelve-year-old Anna Fountain was fined £50 for improperly recycling a cardboard box in Tunbridge Wells in Kent...   where coincidentally Kent county council boss Peter Kilroy 'earns' a cool £250,000 a year.  Over in Essex, mum and nurse Sally Singh, 34, was hit with a £50 bill and a 'gestapo'-style interrogation... because foxes had been at her rubbish.  Essex council chief Joanna Killian  'earns' £247,000 a year.  And in Swansea, a 95-year-old grandmother was put through the grinder for placing a buttertub in the wrong box.  Swansea Chief Executive Paul Smith 'earned' £155,901 in 2009.
  Ever got the feeling you're being cheated

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