Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bristol Riot - Odd Timing? - Or Cynical Ploy?

The policing operation in Stokes Croft, where anti-Tesco protestors battled with police on Thursday night leaving eight officers and a number of protestors injured, could not have been timed more idiotically... if you didn't want to spark a riot.  Hot weather, simmering anti-cuts anger, the start of a Bank Holiday weekend... all you've got to add to that mix (in an area full of bars) is to... err, start the operation at 9PM - by which time drinkers had built up a head of steam.  Twenty arrests were made at the scene of the newly opened Tescos; making it the 31st in the Bristol area.  Bitterley opposed by residents and activists alike for over two years, the store will now be competing with local shops.
Here's One I Made Earlier - a riot in 2001
  Indymedia link
 Stokes Croft is less than a kilometre from St Pauls, scene of the 1980 riots.  So perhaps it was all about laying the mainstream media groundwork for hits on squats, activists, radicals and anarchists in the lead-up to the Royal Wedding?  If I was a potential target, I'd be off to a safe house by mid-week at the latest.  Unless, of course, I was after a slice of the wrongful arrest payout.

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