Saturday, 23 April 2011

Nepotist David Cameron Defends Well-heeled Interns

Prime MInister David Cameron defended interns yesterday, in so doing stabbing fellow banker's son Nick Clegg in the back.  Unelected Deputy Prime Minister Mr Clegg has made a platform for himself stating that there should be a level playing field in order to help social mobility for those who merit it - as opposed to Mr Cameron's Jobs For the Boys vision of the world.
  Mr Clegg, a former member of Cambridge University Conservative Association, (link) used his own father, bank chief Nicholas Clegg CBE, to get him a job at a Finnish bank, so the spat should be an interesting one to watch... two nepotists battling over the morals of internships for the well-connected.
  Mr Cameron's wife's mother's, Lady Annabel Astor, had personal friend Michael Green employ Mr Cameron as head of corporate communications (despite having no experience in the role) at mainstream media company Carlton, producers of drivel for ITV (Dale's Supermarket Sweep, Police, Camera, Action!, and Catchphrase are all part of their sheeple-fodder portfolio.)
  Mr Cameron chortled: 'I've got my neighbour coming in for an internship," he said.
'In the modern world, of course you're always going to have internships and interns - people who come and help in your office who come through all sorts of contacts, friendly, political, whatever.
  'I do that and I'll go on doing that. I feel very relaxed about it.'
  Understandable... he's a Tory.  It's in the name; conserve.  Keep all the best jobs for the elite clique.  After all - the titled are entitled, aren't they?  Aren't the words almost synonymous?  When folk wake up the fact that we're not all middle class despite the glossy magazines and huge mortgages, that the standard of living is spiralling, and that it's 99% against the one per cent... then it'll all fall into place.  But in the meantime, there's reams of Jordan and Cheryl, Colleen and Jeremy Kyle, and fairytale Royal Romances and all the other utterly boring crap to wade through. 
  To his credit, Mr Clegg, a former pupil of top public school Westminster, responded by saying that plum internships should not go to people 'because of who they know, rather than what they know... I'm not relaxed about this at all.  I think it's very important to give people a fair chance of getting ahead.'
  Hmmm.  There's a few hundred thousand students who might have something to say on what Nick Clegg thinks about fairness.
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