Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Emperor's Clothes Fit Just Nicely, said the Joker to the King

Violent dictators will be rubbing shoulders with the great and the good at Friday's royal wedding as Regal Realpolitik casts a bloody shadow over the fairytale celebration.
  Among the thugs our taxpayer's cash will be accomodating, feeding and watering are:
Gabriel Machinga, Zimbabwean Ambassador to Britain - link
Dictator King Abdullah of Jordan (where the four kings have changed almost 70 Prime Ministers since the country's formation in 1921 - link)
Dictator's son Prince Mohamed Bin Nawaf of Saudi Arabia of Saudi Arabia, who's autocratic regime (which hosted, among other fleeing thugs, Idi Amin until that maniac's death in 2003) sent troops into Bahrain to quell the pro-democracy uprising.  Hospital staff there have dissapeared after disobeying orders not to treat wounded protestors. link   BBC link.  Information Clearing House - link. Reuters - link.

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, where south east Asian labourers live in near-slavery - Human Rights Watch link - as they build dream palaces.  Troops from Abu Dhabi were sent in to Bahrain to quell the pro-democracy uprising...

The King of Bahrain - recently criticised by Foreign Secretary William Hague for violently crushing the pro-democracy movement in his country - link - declined his invitation, as did his son.
  'There is probably a sense that the ruling family in Bahrain is feeling threatened and I think the Gulf Co-operation Council's unspoken rule is: We are here to protect each other, not just as countries but as ruling families,' said Abdulkhaleq Abdullah, a professor of politics at the United Arab Emirates University in Abu Dhabi.
Imagine if, in 1946, some South American leader was to have welcomed with open arms the fleeing Nazi regime, only to be invited to the Queen's Succession to the Throne?  There would have been outrage.  Of course, arms, trade and oil smooth the way. 
  Ever heard the story of the Emperor's Clothes, where a little boy points out the glaring truth; that it's all a sham?  Then the people all fell about laughing as they realised that, after all the hype and gossip... what had been believed throughout their lives and the lives of their forbears before them was all built on a fanciful illusion.
  In the years to come, as Generals, visiting heads of state and other members of the elite bow and scrape to Queen Katherine... just remember: she was just a girl who happened to go to Uni in St Andrews in the right year.  All that servility, all that pathetic prostration to an idea any child could see through as a sham if it weren't for the Mainstream Media's lucrative 'Royal' industry... it's all drilled into the sheeple from an early age.  Respect authority.  Be obedient.  There's a pecking order and you're way, way down the line, pal.  Now fall into step, collect your little red, white and blue flag, and put a smile on your face.  Then when it's all over I want you straight back to work; someone has to pay for all this jingoistic shit. 
    There's another story about a little boy, this one Dutch.  He notices a hole in the dam and sticks his finger in and spends the night there.  Because if he didn't, the escaping water would make the hole bigger and bigger, until eventually the dam wall would be overwhelmed, and with it all the low-lying countryside beyond.  It's time to help our fellow people break on through, to see beyond the wall the powerful have built in front of us.
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