Saturday, 23 April 2011

It's a Different View From The Top... Students and Cleaners Kicked in the Teeth as UCL boss Rakes it in

  In 2008-9 University College London boss Professor Malcolm Grant CBE took home more than double the salary of the British Prime Minister.
University Vice Chancellors discuss salary proposals
  In September 2010 he was in bullish mood when dealing with contract cleaners -  
 'The provost, whose remuneration of £404,000 last year was the second highest of university heads in the country, has told the Standard that paying contract cleaners a living wage “would cost £500,000” and was “a luxury” UCL “could not afford”.
London Evening Standard.
The big chiefs salary of £376,190 was affordable, of course, as is the massive strata of management.  A few days later after mounting protests and sharply written letters from members of staff, he caved in.  Management had been turning a blind eye to grasping sub-contractors paying cleaning staff the minimum wage  (£5.80 an hour) - other London universities pay the London living wage (£7.85 an hour).  The Evening Standard - normally a purveyor of drivel but for once doing its job and informing the public - claimed the victory as its own.  Nothing to do with student protests and angry academics, of course.  Instead a rag that peddles Press Association tat won the day.  Of course, dear.  Well done.  Now go out and play.  Supper's in an hour.
  Back to Grant.  Studying his Wikipedia entry - link - one sees in the very first paragraph that he has 'he has tackled critical issues, such as pay reform'. 
'Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.'
George Orwell 

  UCL will be charging students the full £9,000.  And one last thought... if they'd have been allowed to charge £12,000 instead: would they have done so?  With people like Professor Grant at the helm, dredging his way through cleaners pay-packets and students fees as he enriches himself... what do you think?  The problem with the cleaners was sorted because people protested.  I predict a long, hot summer.
Conflict - Media.  Conflict - Education.  

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