Friday, 29 April 2011

Meltdown Arrests Made - Tuesday update - all now out. And Mike's earnt his spurs.

Key Meltdown-2017 figures have been arrested as they arrempted to head into Westminster to organise an anti-monarchy protest - Guardian link.  Veteran activists Professor Chris Knight and his partner Camilla Power, both anthropologists, were scooped together with their theatrical public 'executioner' Patrick Macroidan.  The group use street theatre to highlight Meltdown-2017 issues; a combinaion of anarchist and radical views.
  Meltdown spokesman Mike Raddie was on the scene.
  'Chris was arrested first. He lay down on the pavement opposite his house to make the arrest difficult.  He was pulled up by four police officers and two bundled him into the back of a van.  Camilla was put in the back of one of the police cars. Patrick was dressed up as an executioner when he was arrested.'
  Also with the protesters at the time of their arrest was a Channel 4 film crew, filming for the Unofficial Royal Wedding, due to air at 7.10pm on Monday. Some of their equipment, which was in the activists' van, was also confiscated. 
  Admittedly, there has been a small amount of tension within Meltdown regarding then Royal Wedding.  As some make a stand against ruthless warmongers such as Prince Andrew, who's role as trade envoy connects arms with despots (with tragic consequences as we are seeing in the Middle East) others take the view that the Royals and what they represent are a distracting irrelevence.  But that's democracy, and that's why out fore-fathers died fighting tyranny.  That's our history - working people fighting oppresive regimes, be it Nazis or mill owners.  That's why we have the right to protest - because Joe and Joanne Bloggs fought for that right.  And now Chris, Cam and Patrick have been lifted before their protest.
  In the near future I shall be writing on police co-operation with oppresive regimes.  In World War 2, the military of the Norwegians, French and Poles escaped to Britain to continue the fight.  The police forces of those countries, en-masse I believe, colluded with the German occupiers.  During the miners strike of the Eighties the police again were blatantly political.  That to me says something about the mind-set of the police.
  They serve power, as opposed to an ideal.  That's where all the rest of the military, emergency services, doctors etc diverge from the police.   When the Free French were training for the Normandy Landings, the Vichy Police were rounding up Jews and collaborating with the Nazis.  When the Royalist Norwegians were blowing up railway lines, the Quisling police were sending innocent Norwegians to concentration camps.
  The list is long and easily researched.  Feel free - link

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