Friday, 15 April 2011

Paedo Bishop - Vatican resorts to normal

A former Belgian Bishop in the Catholic Church has gone live on TV to talk about how he sexually abused two boys but does not see himself as a paedophile - BBC link.
  Former bishop of Bruges Roger Vangheluwe revealed he had molested two of his nephews, and not one, as he confessed last year before resigning.  But that's not a problem for this God-botherer because he does not face prosecution.  Reason?  The abuse occurred decades ago.
    Speaking in Vatican City, Fr Lombardi said Roger Vangheluwe had been ordered to leave Belgium and undergo spiritual and psychological treatment.
The disgraced cleric has not been defrocked but the Vatican spokesman added that it was "obvious" he would not be allowed to practise as a priest while he was undergoing treatment.
  What a disgusting religion; rotten and corrupt to it's very core.  In any sane society - such as one where work, procreation, friendship and happiness are emphasised -  Vangheluwe would be jailed for the harm he has inflicted.  But in the fruit-loop world of the Vatican and it's domain of paedophile priests, he's 'given a little treatment'.  Ie - it gets brushed under the carpet.  No doubt because those at the top have all done their share of child rape.  Can anyone think of a good use for all the Catholic churches?  Homeless shelters, maybe?

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