Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Right to Protest.

What They Say and What Actually Happens.
  Commenting on Democracy Village, the 2010 take-over of Parliament Square by radicals,
British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would 'always defend the right to protest and the right to protest peacefully and it seems to me entirely fair that people should protest.'
  Lofty words.  Now here's footage of young people who, on the TUC's March 26 rally, were told there was an after-march party at Trafalgar Square.  Yes there's graffiti and anger.  But hopefully this footage will explain why...Link.  Imagine these being your kids, nieces, nephews, colleagues, students. It ain't hard... because they are.  Good kids, out to have their voices heard, out to let off a bit of steam after being ripped off by the Lib Dems.

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