Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ripples in the Pigsty; Updates from the 'Labour' Wing of the Pig Party

'The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which...'
George Orwell, Animal Farm
As so-called 'Labour' MP Jim Divine is carted off to prison for stealing from us even as the expenses furore was at it's height - the thick, porcine fool (BBC link), it is revealed that another so-called 'Labour' grasping pig has made a young family homeless... because she liked the look of their home - Evening Standard link.
  The young family were evicted to make way for a local grasper [that should read 'councillor - Ed] who sits on the Covent Garden property's management board.  Paul Harris, his sister Diane and her 10-month-old son Tommy were kicked out after their father died and the managers invoked "appalling" succession rules.  Sue Vincent is from the Labour Wing of the Property Party '.  The Property Party was formed when it was revealed that all politicans have more in common with one another than with working people.  That's why, when Presidents and Prime Ministers do handshakes at photo-calls, they all look like they've stepped off the same Danepak production line.   Tories or Labour, local councillors or Cabinet Ministers - all rotten, grasping pigs. 
    Councillor Vincent, a director of Seven Dials housing association, squealed with delight as she moved into the three-storey home, snout twitching for tasty morsels left in the kitchen cupboards. She is also a so-called 'Labour' member on Camden council. Mr Harris, 28, said the decision had devastated the family.
  "We were very hurt. I can't put it into words. When I found out Sue Vincent had moved in there I couldn't quite believe it. It was an incredibly difficult time for us and we thought she was very insensitive."
  The family have 100 years of links to the area and had lived in the house in Endell Street, in the heart of theatreland, since 1986.
  Locals were astonished when the new tenant was revealed to be Ms Vincent, who sends her daughter to £14,000-a-year City of London School for Girls.  Her ex-husband Paul Abraham also lives in a Seven Dials property, nearby.
   She squealed happily as she chewed on scraps of left-over food, crumbs cascading down her snout:  'I can understand people might look at this and think, 'Woah,' but the reality isn't anything like that. The allocation of the house was done in an appropriate way.  It was very unfortunate what happened to the Harris children but the rules are the rules and we had to abide by them, even if we don't like them." She said she would look into the situation concerning Seven Dials's accounts.
  And I'm sure she'll give her own shitty performance a big thumbs up.   
  Well, my little piggy friend - your management-speak doesn't wash with Meltdown 2017.    You are a disgrace, and an example of why politics and politicians aren't worth bothering.  All that political rhetoric boils down to just one thing; vote for the Me Party.
 I develop this reasoning more fully in The Trough (link)

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