Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sheeple Indoctrination From Early Childhood

Talking to my five-year-old daughter, I found that she is 'looking forward to the royal wedding'.  Adult language indeed.  It transpired that her school were busy preparing for the big day.  Coupled with wall-to-wall media coverage of the marriage on Friday, how could any child fail to be swayed by the mood of the moment?
  Sour grapes?
  Think of this.  If radicals or anarchists have a big day - May Day for example, or March 26 - do you think kids up and down the country would be making little black banners and being taught about the history of the class struggle?
  I want my children to be educated so that: in history - they learn about the lives of their ancestors, not the ruling elite.  Maybe a smattering of the abuses that the British Empire allowed, such as the destruction of the Tasman Islanders, or the invention of  concentration camps (we invented the concept) might help them understand what the British Empire is all about.  Geography - I want them to be able to navigate a vehicle route and use map and compass off road, not learn about the problems of Welsh hill farmers, as I was taught.  Maybe Peak Oil could be mentioned in a geology lesson.  Mathematics - handling money.  Religious Education - morality.  Perhaps atheism deserves a mention, seeing as the churches are empty.  Music - at least mention the punk revolution and modern music.  Citizenship - what the hell is that?  I want my little ones to leave school with the capacity to think critically, and not to be indoctrinated the way the elite would wish - it's us that pay for these indoctrination centres schools in the first place, not the tax-avoiding billionaires who gain a population willing to slave away in their factories, to wave little flags as they saunter by in gilded carriages. 
  Conflict - Education
  A wider question then looms.  Why are the Christian religious allowed a day of television programmming on a Sunday?  Why are celebrities allowed onto the (non-advertising) BBC to plug their crap; Jordan's latest book, Cheryl's latest 'record'?  Why is Breakfast, the BBC's early morning news bulletin, a vehicle for people plugging their books?  (Alastair Campbell was allowed on to promote non-political thriller All In The Mind, as was Paul McKenna to promote I Can Make You Sleep
  Paul - there's no point; most of them are asleep.  Because they have crap drilled into them from an early age.  Which is why you are allowed onto what purports to be a news programme.

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  1. I too would like kids to learn the real history of this nation - which school kid could even tell you where the Chagos Islands are for instance let alone what we did and continue to do to its inhabitants, the unpeople of this world. Labour and Tory governments broke the law and then tried to cover up this scandal.

    "In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Labour and Conservative governments secretly expelled the entire population of the Chagos islands, a British crown colony in the Indian Ocean, so that the main island, Diego Garcia, could be "leased" to the US for a military base. This base is now so vast that it supports 30 ships, including nuclear-armed aircraft carriers, a satellite spy station and two of the world's longest runways, from which B-52 and Stealth bombers have attacked Afghanistan and Iraq.

    What happened to the Chagos islanders is a metaphor for the behaviour of "our" governments beyond the protective screen erected by much of western journalism and scholarship. Nearly 2,000 people trace their families back to ancestors who first lived on the islands in the 18th century; they came originally from Africa and India and developed a unique Creole civilisation with thriving villages, a school, a hospital, a railway, docks, a copra plantation." John Pilger 2004