Thursday, 19 May 2011

Police Time Bomb as Government of Millionaire's Gets Its Teeth In

The very glue that props up the Establishment - the Police - is coming unravelled. 
  Greeting the Home Secretary's speech with complete stoicism, our comrades in the Police Federation made their opinions less than opaque; Theresa May left the podium of the Annual Police Federation in Bournemouth to an applause of none.  All that could be heard were her shoes clippety-clopping as she walked backstage - mainstream media Guardian link.
  Mrs May faced a withering barrage of criticism as she attempted to trot out top-down management politico-platitudes to the rank and file who see life on the streets as it is.  It was in sharp contrast to a year ago, when her first speech to the Police Federation was met with great applause - link.  PC David Rathband, the officer blinded by thug and council estate chav-icon Raoul Moat, faced her on a live video link-up.
  He said, 'I was paid £35,000 last year. Do you think it was too much?'
Theresa May and fellow Conservatives discussing
business opportunities with Third World tyrants
  Millionaire Mrs May looked unsettled.  
  Police federation chairman Paul McKeever claimed that the government's decision to protect international development spending as the police budget was cut by 20% was motivated by the desire of Conservative activists to go to Africa every summer on social projects.  If he's right - taxpayers kids are getting knifed for their mobiles because the police officer that should have been there has been scrapped... so that some rich young Tory can go off on safari... on our backs.
  Mrs May responded: 'If you get aid right in certain parts of the world, such as Pakistan, it will reduce the possibility of terrorism on the streets of the UK.'
A police officer at the G-20
  Terror exists on the streets - and in homes like that of Baby P - because the cash necessary to deal with the problems is frittered away by imbecilic politicians on useless causes - and insane public sector management salaries.  The police laughed at Mrs May's comment.  Is now a good time to mention Pakistan's multi-billion nuclear programme?  What a clanger to drop before the guys and girls who patrol some of the toughest streets in the country.
  If Mrs May wants to link street crime with Pakistan and Afghanistan; that's fine.  Let's do so...
  Heroin has been flooding onto the streets of Glasgow since 2001, when British forces in Afghanistan were told to turn a blind eye to its cultivation less they upset the farmers - link.  But cheap heroin is a problem for the sacked shipyard workers of Govan, not the smart-set of Stockbroker Belt.  So of course it's off the radar to Tory toffs.
  Besides, we're already doing our bit where the heroin comes from.  Since 2001 we've lost 365 service personnel as of May 15, 2011.  Our troops are dying in a place where farmers are growing the very poison which is ravaging the council estates back home... which for some of them is why they joined the forces.  Neither fact matters to the millionaires.
  As they slash the services we taxpayers pay for, the imbeciles of government hand dictators across the world fleets of white Mercedez and the like.  As long as they vote for our policies at the UN, and trade their resources to Theresa & Co's business chums.  That, after all, is how one becomes a millionaire.
  Every Little Helps.  This ends the Meltdown broadcast.  You may go back to Britain's Got Talent and Cheryl Cole now - link - and fill your minds with shit.

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