Thursday, 26 May 2011

Shout out for Brighton Protest

Following a march with over 100 demonstrators, democracy protesters have taken over a section of the Old Steine, a grassed square in the heart of Brighton less than 300 metres from the beach.
  Comprised mainly of young Spaniards, the protestors want more people on the ground to add to their numbers, which are growing daily. 
  The protest is linked to larger ones throughout Spain, where today (Friday) riot police swooped on protesters in Barcelona - link.  Indeed, protest camps are springing up worldwide - link - but you'd be lucky to hear about them in the mainstream media.
  Waiter and yoga teacher David Monteserin, 26, said, 'We are growing every day.  So far we have Spanish, English, Greek, French and Morrocan people here.  About 50 people in total, although people come and go to work and have a break at home.  We intend to stay as long as possible in solidarity with the protesters in Spain, where public spaces in every city have been occupied.  Unemployment for young people in Spain stands at 40%, so we need a different system.  Our governement doesn't represent us - politicians are like slaves to the rules of the global market.
  'By occupying public space  we will show people democracy in action and give them an alternative space to discuss, debate and learn.'
  BBC Madrid and Spain protest pictures - link.
  The pro-active protesters are engaged in various workshops, including slack line (similar to tight rope walking), dance, language lessons, yoga and meditation, children's painting and more.

  Timeline: Started Saturday. Brighton's Green council  supports the right to protest.
  Restrictions: This needs to be stressed; Brighton is a dry site - drink, drug and violence-free.  So the jobless junky wrecks who soured Democracy Village on Parliament Square a year ago take note and stay clear.
  Location: Old Steine, Brighton - Google Maps link.
  Contacts: Blog , twitter@campbrighton,
  News Links: Spanish Facebook Group - link, Indymedia - link, Ian Bone - link, NewsFromBrighton - link.

The message is clear - the sooner the better

Connected generation

Reception desk


Family friendly - no drink, drugs or violence


Dance Lesson

Head Massage
Comments by non bloggers...
From Seski, Spanish porter on the Brighton camp 
  'Hi Neil, I'd like to tell you that your report is fantastic.
  I think you wrote the right idea about why we are here.  I support those who work to show the real situation.  Now you have a new follower.  Thanks a lot!!! Seski'

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  1. Disgusted at what I've seen from Barcelona today.

    Wish this lot success.

    I'm heading to Trafalgar Square on Sunday: to wait for the European Revolution to roll by (hopefully)