Sunday, 29 May 2011

Getting Connected - UK-Uncut join Forces with Medics


Activists from UK-Uncut joined forces with medics nationwide to denounce NHS cuts which are happening in tandem with massive bank bail-outs - brightgreenscotland link.  In a combined operation of hits across towns and cities stretching from Dundee to Brighton, UK-Uncut occupied multiple banks - UK-Uncut - link.
  I joined them outside NatWest in Camden after a rendevouz at Soho Square just off Oxford Street yesterday (Saturday, 28/5/2011).  They said, 'This is an emergency.  Our NHS is under threat.  Today we're here to transform this bank into a hospital, to demand that the government stops the destruction of our NHS and makes the banks pay for the crisis they caused.'
UK-Uncut say that the government is using the terms 'efficiency' and 'reform' as a cover to cut the NHS and sell off what's left.  They accuse Health Minister Andrew Lansley of not listening to health pofessionals despite him proclaiming that the government of millionaires is engaged in a 'listening exercise' on proposed reforms.
UK-Uncut continued, 'Whilst the government are taking an axe to the NHS, the banks that caused the crisis in the first place are still costing us money.  Even after the bailout in 2008, we are still subsidising our broken banking system to the tune of £100 billion a year.  That's the same amount of money as we spend on the entire National Health  
  Join us and together, let's make Landsley listen.'


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