Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dreamer Clegg Just Doesn't Get It

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has voiced concerns that British taxpayers should receive shares in the bailed out banks - BBC link.
  Speaking in Brazil, he said, 'Their (taxpayers) money has been used to the tune of billions to keep the British banking system on a life-support machine and they have absolutely no say at all in what happens when normality is restored... You are giving the Treasury an assurance that they will break even but you are not giving the Treasury the freedom to grab the windfall if there is one.
  'This is something I have discussed a lot with [Business Secretary] Vince [Cable]. Vince and I feel it is something that we want officials to look at.'
  Clegg (father a bank chairman - link) doesn't get what David Cameron grasps instantly (father a banker - link)... it's not about sharing.  It's about creaming off hard working people.

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  1. There was a time before cobbling together this con-dem government that I thought Vince talked some sense. However, he's realised that once you're in the cabinet, you are beholden to the elite banking interests and all the power you thought you held disappears in an instant. Revolution - it's the only way!