Friday, 3 June 2011

London's Parliament Square - Watch This Space ;-)

In solidarity with our brothers in Spain and elsewhere who have taken over hundreds of public spaces, a declaration of intent has been posted on the fencing which restricts Londoners and visitors from accessing Parliament Square - Meltdown colleague Mike Raddie's YouTube report - link.
Parliament Square Summer 2010
  The iconic Westminster location has been ringed with steel for ten months after Meltdown and other radical friends took over the place last May for two months; renaming the square 'Democracy Village'.  Since the subsequent eviction, nobody's been allowed on it; unless it suits the elite.
  The barriers came down for the Royal Wedding, then promptly went back up again for taxpayer Joe Bloggs and the tourists who flock to the area.  The ongoing damage to central London's tourist trade must be considerable.
Meltdown's Chris Knight defies Boris' edict to leave last year
  Patrolled by a private security company, taxpayers were forking out at a rate estimated at £600,000 for a full year. 
  Was the security worth that much?  The roughty-toughty guards melted away during the student protests last November, and are now gone for good, leaving a few Heritage Wardens manning the site.

   In a recent Q and A radio broadcast for LBC, Mayor Boris Johnson, a Bullingdon Club confederate of fellow silver-spooned toff Prime Minister David Cameron, said that Democracy Village had caused tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to a World Heritage Site.  Boris; Parliament Square is not a World Heritage Site; the surrounding Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey and St Margaret's Church are - UNESCO World Heritage Sites link.  I thought you were a journo, mate.  Mainstream, of course; it shows sometimes.  And the figures for the grass?
   The green itself measures about 5,500 square metres.  Qualcast charge nine quid for a high quality seed covering 15 sq metres - link.  So the maths - £3,300.  Plus labour; maybe 20 landscape labourers in a straight line walking line-abreast for half a day... 50 quid each?  Total; about 4,300 nicker, Boris me old mate.  Cash, of course.  And I'll make sure you get a drink out of it in the usual way, wink wink.  Maybe a new lawn for your country des-res?
  Used by the Tolpuddle Martyrs and the Suffragettes, the Square was a historic place of protest... until avid money-grasper Tony Blair, the laughably re-tasked Middle East Peace Envoy (BBC link), banned it there using newly-drafted SOCPA legislation, whereby protest within a kilometre of the site is illegal - link.
  So therefore dissent outside the Mother of All Parliaments is effectively quoshed, and the people silenced.
  And the taxpayers scrimp and save and worry about paying their mortgages, and the pigs all keep stuffing themselves at The Trough - link.  Welcome to the world of the elite.  Now get back to fucking work - link.

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