Friday, 24 June 2011

Parasite News

A disabled Nottingham pensioner has been fined for diplaying his badge the 'wrong way round'.
  76-year-old Peter Knott was hammered by Rushcliffe Borough Council after his mistake in West Bridgford, Nottingham - BBC link.
A discussion on car-parking fees at a Nottingham council
  It follows the heavy-handed treatment of stroke sufferer Ronald Price, 88, who was similarly hammered by Nottingham City Council for displaying his badge upside down in a hospital car park - BBC link.
  Rushcliffe council boss Allen Graham 'earns' a salary of over a £106,000 - link.
  Nottingham City Council chief Jane Todd enjoys over £165,000 - link.
  One of the perks Mr Allen receives is £170 for car parking... so presumably none of his wages will be sucked out of his pocket to pay for, er, parasitical council bosses salaries.

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