Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pathetic Policing Helped Murderer

Surrey police knocked on evil sex murderer Levi Bellfield's front door ELEVEN times... but left because they got no reply - BBC link.  There was little or no communication between officers holding vital clues, such as an eleven-year-old girl's attempted abduction in the area a day before.
  So - and I'm no detective - let's assume I get this message.
Another donut - this one at the
 Ratcliffe Power Station siege
  'Chief, that murder case you're working on; are you aware that there was an attempted abduction of a schoolgirl in the same area the day before?  The girl's mum reported it in; we've got the car details, location and a description of the perv.'
  My response?  Well, if I'm a Surrey cop: 'I've heard there's a new Gregg's opened on the High Street.  Run along and get me a couple of pasties, DC Wright.'

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