Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Pudding Your Foot In It

A resources planning meeting at Hillingdon
IN a blatant abuse of power, a fat-cat Tory council chief has ordered 15 grands worth of carp to re-stock one the fishing lakes he uses. Evening Standard - link.
  Keen angler Ray Puddifoot, Conservative council leader of Hillingdon in West London, was on the back foot when it was revealed the bonanza coincides with a £26.2 million budget slashing exercise.
  A quick Google search reveals, as well as angling, Ray is a keen grasper, too.  Back in 2007, in a quality piece of reporting, the local Hillingdon and Uxbridge Times revealed Ray proposed himself a 56% pay rise for his part-time leadership job... £61,000 for a part-time job - link.
  'People can't afford to pay utility bills, yet they are spending £15,000 putting fish in a lake. It's unbelievable,' said opposition Labour councillor Mo Kursheed.
  Mr Puddifoot joked, 'I have been fishing since I was four but I have only used the lake two times in ten years.  The rest of the time I fish in Kent.'
  One of his lackeys, Jean Palmer, the deputy chief executive of Hillingdon community services, leapt to his defence: 'Pit 4 lake is similar to our leisure centres and playgrounds.  The council has a duty to ensure they are maintained to a high standard so that residents can enjoy them.'
  The Trough - link.

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