Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sock It To 'Em Kids!

One of the kettles, looking at Trafalgar Square from Whitehall
School-kids who had been kettled by the Met have launched a legal challenge against their coraling - BBC link.
  Up to 60 youngsters from Acland Burghley School joined the 24 November protest in Whitehall, where the police contained them for about eight hours.
  Year 11 pupils Sam Eaton and Adam Castle, and Adam's younger sister claim that the police action infringed their human rights and the Children Act 2004.
  Adam said: 'As children we can't vote, so one of the best ways for us to voice our opinion is through protest and if that's stopped or inhibited by kettling then where are we left?'
  A former Met commander of specialist operations told the BBC: 'It's very clear when you see other demonstrations that have got out of hand... they have descended into violent attacks all over the place and quite frankly the police are left with no alternative but to contain those mobs.'
Whitehall, November 24 2010
  In response, an active anarchist told me: 'Kettling actually increases the tension and violence is a key element of the tactic because when people want to leave the kettle they are beaten back by truncheons.  On one occasion on November 24 in Whitehall I witnessed a young disabled man being brutally beaten by hyped-up members of the Metropolitan Police's infamous TSG who as we know by employing this tactic caused the death of Ian Tomlinson.
  'This is not an isolated incident - in fact if you go back to the old SPG (Special Patrol Group) who themselves brought about the untimely death of school-teacher Blair Peach [link], the subsequent report of which was shelved for thirty years and only released last year.'

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